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Virtual Exhibition
19th August - 30th September 2021
EXTENDED: till 10th October

Sol Contardo                Travis DeVries


Ruth Ju-Shih Li         Pamela Leung   

                     Shelley O'Keefe


A selection of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios past and present Artists-in-Residence reflect on the theme of Metamorphosis through photography, sculpture, drawing, mixed and new media.

The online exhibition surveys explorations into the transformative processes of human and environmental conditions. The collection of works signifies the metamorphosis of time within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, a journey of reflection, change, regeneration and the post Anthropocene experience.

Curators: Jennifer Brady & Joanna Williams

 © copyright of the artist and Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios

All rights reserved for images on display.
Ownership and use of images belong to the respective artists and applied for purposes and intent of the virtual and online galleries.

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