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Travis DeVries

Self Portrait - Emergence


Reworked Digital Image of 120 Film – Print on fine art archival paper (edition of 5)



Throughout the last year and half I have been undergoing a growth in my approach to my artistic process. I’ve been examining and analysing every step of my process working from analogue to digital and back to analogue. If feel that this has made the end result of my work so much stronger artistically. Emergence exemplifies this and the outcome of this journey of self analysis, the original image was taken on a Pentax 6x7 with SMC Takumar 105mm lens, the film (an arguably extinct medium) is then processed and digitally scanned, I then work back into it digitally and create an analogue print on paper. I really enjoy this examination of the methods we use to interact with artworks in the various stages of creation.

Digital Natives Image 1, 2, 3


AI Generated Digital Image (Available as a Print on fine art archival paper (edition of 5))

100cm x100cm

$1000 each

These works are the first images from a new project in which Travis is exploring the creation of an entirely AI fabricated Indigenous Tribe that exists only on the internet. The project is currently titled “Digital Natives”, Travis intends to use AI to construct a new cultural group including language, dreaming and personas.

Artist biography

Travis is a Gamilaroi Dharug artist exploring the evolution of what he defines as his cultural identity. Travis works across a variety of mediums including, painting, photography, sculpture and digital mediums (digital illustration, video, sound, VR, AR & AI).


Travis is a host of the podcasts Broriginals and Fear of a Black Planet.

Full Bio:

Instagram @travisdevries

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