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Angela Hanson
Artist in Residence 2023/24
Angela Hayson’s current body of work is focused on human relationships; how we connect and communicate, negotiating what we expose or conceal of our true identity. It is about dual identities, embracing one’s own idiosyncrasies in order to remain authentic to self, contrasted against a public persona constructed according to social norms and expectations to gain acceptance in society. 


Anthropomorphic elements in nature have provided a metaphor for connection and communication.  The simplification of forms and emphasis on shape, space, colour and composition are explored in the works.


Angela resides and works in Sydney, has exhibited nationally and overseas since 2005 with work held in private and public collections. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (2004) with Honors (2005) from the National Art School and Master of Art from the College of Fine Art, UNSW (2010).  


During her residency at Lane Cove Creative Studios, Angela is exploring multiple mediums incorporating print, collage, drawing and sculpture, experimenting with diverse materials and processes. 


Follow Angela on Instagram @angelahayson & website

Angela-Hayson_GLC-Print-Studio-pulling print.jpg


Elizabeth Creixell
Artist in Residence 2023


Elizabeth Creixell is an emerging artist based in Sydney. Currently her work explores the notions of grief and loss through deeply introspective drawings and relief prints. Utilising text and subjects such as marigolds, moths and other insects in her compositions, Elizabeth aims to normalise the process of grief and offer a quiet space of contemplation and healing for her audience. 


During her residency at Lane Cove Creative Studios, Elizabeth is further developing her body of work ‘Words I’ve Never Said’ combining drawings, linocuts and embossings exploring loss and heartache. This first iteration will be shown in a group exhibition soon to be announced in June 2023, and she is currently working towards her first solo exhibition 2023/2024.


Follow Elizabeth on Instagram @ecreixellart & website 


Applications for an artist residency at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios are now open!

If you are an artist interested in becoming one of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios's artists-in-residence and using our studios for your own practice, please apply by submitting
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