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Named after the late wife of Guy Warren, Joy Warren was a Sydney based ceramicist whose career spanned decades and was interspersed with a long academic career. Joy’s old kiln and pottery wheel was kindly donated to the Ceramics Studio.

The Joy Warren Ceramics Studio hosts a number of adults and kids term long classes and is always buzzing during the school holidays with local children learning the basics of throwing and handbuilding. The Studio has 7 pottery wheels, wedging and handbuilding tables, large storage space, ample handbuilding and throwing tools and two kilns. Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios offers various hiring options should you wish to use the wheel, handbuild or simply fire your works in our kilns (of which we offer half or full kiln rates).

If you would like to use the Gallery Lane Cove kiln services please email and include contact information, preferred firing dates, firing type (bisque or glaze) and clay type. 



No refunds or transfers allowed.

Rates and conditions as effective from March 2019


Casual Pottery Wheel

1 hour :$10

4 hours: $35

8 hours: $65

Current Students/Friends of the Gallery

1 hour: $8

4 hours: $25

8 hours: $40



Kiln Firing Service- to find out more information and dimensions on our kiln click here.

Shelf size is 53 x 53cm

Bisque: (1000 degrees)


1 shelf: $35

¼ kiln (2 shelves): $50


Full kiln: $100


Earthernware Glaze Fire (1100 degrees)


1 shelf: $25

¼ kiln: $45


Full kiln: $120


Mid-Firing Glaze Fire  (1200°C)


1 shelf: $25

1/4 kiln $45


Full kiln: $140


Stoneware Firings- Please contact the Gallery at for all stoneware queries. Hirer wanting to fire to stoneware will be required to fire a full kiln load.

Full kiln: $160

Glazing Services:

The Studios offer midfire only dipping glazes (a range of 10-15 colours) and clear gloss glaze. 

You MUST have experience with dipping glazes to be eligible for the glaze yourself prices. If you have no experience you will need to choose the 'we glaze for you' option which is single colour only.

Shelf size: 53 x 53cm

Half Shelf: 26.5 x 53cm

Glaze yourself: (you MUST have prior glazing experience)


     Dipping Glaze Gap: $5                    Dipping glaze half shelf: $20.00                   Dipping glaze shelf: $35.00

We glaze for you:

     Dipping Glaze Gap: $10                   Dipping glaze half shelf: $30.00                  Dipping glaze shelf: $45.00

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