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Dropping off & Collection Process:

Firing days are generally Monday, Wednesday & Friday

* Please drop of your work the day prior or day of (prior to noon).of your scheduled firing. If you cannot come in 1 day prior or the day of your booking, contact Joanna ( to discuss an alternate drop off time. We have minimal storage space so drop off and collection should be as close to firings as possible.

* Works are required to be dropped off in a box with the following clearly labelled:

           Your name

           Number and email

           Type of firing (bisque, glaze)

           Description and quantity of pieces. Please take a photo of your pieces and email them to for identification.

* Artists are required to unwrap their works when dropping off and take home any wrapping. 

*Ensure your pieces have an identifying makers mark- initials or stamp to avoid unidentified items or lost works.

* Please collect your work as soon as possible. You will be notified of when it is ready for collection (generally one and half days after firing) from lunchtime onwards. If your work has not been collected within two weeks it will be thrown out or donated.

* Saturday collection and drop off is not permitted (due to staffing capacity) unless otherwise organised.

Terms and Conditions:

We will NOT fire:

* Wet work. All pieces must be bone dry

* Work that contains foreign objects or experimental glazes. Glazes must be disclosed and approved by Studio Technician

* Work with glazed bases. Any work found to have glaze on the base will be rejected.

* Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios will take all care but no responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any item which we feel may cause problems in the kilns or to neighboring works in kilns.

* You must supply specific details of the clay and / or glazes used with your works on the online firing form, acknowledging that your works are ready for firing. If this form is incomplete or inaccurate, we have the right to refuse service.

* Temperature or program adjustments are not possible in communal firings as the settings are chosen to achieve overall kiln firing success for the most common objects and materials. You may hire a whole kiln and negotiate personalised firing cycles. 

* In addition to responsibility for the outcome, you will be liable for any damage your work causes to our kilns and / or shelves, and you will be required to pay any repair or replacement costs.  


* Artists are required to pay via internet transfer once informed of cost by Technician. Please make sure to write your first name and last name followed by 'kilnhire' in the reference description.

* Payment must be made within 3 days of invoicing.

* Please send through receipt of payment to once paid.

Thanks for your request!

Our staff will be in contact shortly.