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Lane Cove Art Society


Members of the Lane Cove Art Society 

9 - 20 April

artXtra! is an exhibition open to all financial members of the Lane Cove Art Society. The exhibition is an insight into the diversity of the Society. Painting, Printmaking & Drawing are included in the exhibition.

All works are eligible for the prestigious Lloyd Rees Prize and the Guy Warren Prize for the two Best in Show. The names of the winning artists of both the Lloyd Rees Prize and the Guy Warren Prize are inscribed on an Honour Board displayed in the Lane Cove Library. 

The Lloyd Rees & Guy Warren Prize Winner - 
Midnight sun, Lofoten, Ania Zmijewska, Oils

The Art Scene Small Works Winner -
The feminine unbound, Panchali Sheth, Oils

Oils or Acrylics Winner -
Adam contemplated his future, Megan Cribb, Acrylics

Pastels & Drawings & Prints Winner -
Constant Motion IV, Kathy Smoker, Pastels, Drawings & Prints

Mixed Media Winner - 
Golden Gully, Deborah Achurch, Mixed Media

Watercolours Winner -
Ebb tide, Pamela Fairburn, Watercolours

Highly Commended -
Whispering to the Bay, Maria Guthrie, Oils
Cyclamen study, Phoebe Stone, Pastels, Drawings & Prints
The Canopy, Michael Ryan, Mixed Media
Peaceful Pittwater, Pat Wilson, Watercolours

Commended -
Rational Exuberance, Dana Dion, Pastels, Drawings & Prints
Flannel Flowers 2, Nina Paine, Watercolours
Still Life with Onions & Garlic, Mary Norton-Smith, Acrylics
Autumn, Barbara May, Pastels, Drawings & Prints
Willoughby Road, Howard Arthur Tweedie, Pastels, Drawings & Prints
Journey Forward, Karen Brooks, Acrylics
Still Life with Pears, Annie Pavlovic, Oils
Autumn at Cunninghams Reach, Tricia Carton, Acrylics
The Love of Painting I, Monica, Oils
Red Evening, Marina Bishop, Acrylics
The Glen-Altered Light Study, Kathy Smoker, Pastels, Drawings & Prints
Progress? (Apologies to Caspar David Friedrich), Margaret Vickers, Watercolours
Town Centre, Michael Ryan, Acrylics
Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Alan Taylor, Oils
Flowering Grass Trees in the Flinders, Pat Wilson, Acrylics

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