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22 May - 15 June

Artist: Donna Feneley

Opening Event: Wednesday 29 May, 6-8pm

Tempest Tapestry provides a glimpse into our wild and turbulent terrain, firstly transporting audiences to distant planes then demanding they be present, still and alone within her landscapes. Feneley's works often play on light, from looming skies to dark compositions enlivened by blazes or glimmers of sun to brighter, imagined places that are whimsical and even magical.

Donna Feneley, Hot Property, oil on canvas, 2024. Image courtesy of the artist.

Ah Xian - Fledging No.9 - 2022 .jpg

Ah Xian, Fledging No.9, 2022, giclee and ink on Xuan paper, v.e. of 30, 140 x 70 cm, signed, inscribed and marked with seals of the artist. 

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28 May - 29 June

Artists: Khadim Ali, Shahroud Ghahani, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Guo Jian & Ah Xian.

Opening Event: Wednesday 29 May, 6-8pm

“The world is a vast network of interconnections, and our identities are constantly shaped by encounters with others.” Attrib. V.Y. Mudimbe.

The Wisdom of Others is an exhibition presenting works of five diverse and significant artists who, as part of their life journey, have at some point in their lives experienced displacement due to political conflict or natural disasters. Having been born in Pakistan, Iran, Lao PDR & China respectively these artist’s oeuvre reflect both their personal histories, cultural identities and the wider narrative of contemporary Australia. Their unique voices are equally global and historically literate, whilst at the same time, grounded in the here and now. The works manifest the beauty of pluralism and the flourishing of culture when hybridity is not only embraced but celebrated. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” 

The Wisdom of Others is presented by Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios in partnership with Lane Cove Council and our lending partners as part of Refugee Week 2024. 

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