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Exhibit at Gallery Lane Cove


We welcome proposals from artists, collectives, and curators at all stages of their career to exhibit with us as part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studio’s Open Access program. The program is designed to provide an affordable, professional, and supportive exhibition venue within a well-respected and patronaged cultural facility.

We understand that artists and creatives’ time is better spent in the studio creating artworks, rather completing long and arduous application forms that may not be successful. As such, we have developed a 2-step process for assessing and selecting proposals to exhibit with us.


Step 1 - Expressions of Interest (EOI).

The first step is simply an expression of interest. You have seen our exhibitions, looked through our webpage and social media platforms, determine which of our exhibition spaces you would like to show your work in, and done a very rough budget and plan to work out what is involved in having an exhibition. All you must do now is let us know that you’re interested in being considered for an exhibition.

Simply send us an email at or send us a DM via one of our social media portals and we will do the rest of the work. No need for long proposals and hours of essay writing. Simply give us some links to your work, a CV if you have one, a brief statement about your work and roughly when you might want to have the exhibition and what gallery you’re after, if you know. No need to re-write text to suit our formats, just point us to the info on your Instagram account or website and we will do the rest.

Expressions of Interest are currently open and will close at midnight on Sunday 27 August.


Step 2 – Selected artists invited to submit exhibition proposal.

From the EOI, we will select those artists / collectives / curators whose work aligns with the Gallery’s exhibition priorities and schedules for the coming year(s) and invite them to provide a more detailed proposal.

If invited to apply, we will work with you to ensure that you have provided us all the information we will need to be able to determine the suitability of your proposal for our program.

Invited artists will be notified by Friday 8 September and you have until Sunday 8 October to get your application in.

If you’re successful in securing an exhibition with us, you will be notified by the end of October, (or earlier if your exhibition is for the February-June 2024 period).


About the Gallery

Gallery Lane Cove, known as Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios, (GLC+CS) presents its diverse program of exhibitions, educational activities, studios, and AIRs from a council-owned facility and with financial support from Lane Cove Council, funding bodies, donors, and the community.


Operated by Centrehouse Inc., a not-for-profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient and Register of Cultural Organisations status, the gallery offers artists and groups the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a professional, flexible, and unique environment.

​Programming Streams and Curatorial Framework

GLC+CS presents a two-stream program of exhibitions and events:

  • An internally curated program of exhibitions, including a Guest Curator Program

  • An Open Access (Gallery Hire) program.

There are several strategic and artistic decisions that are considered when selecting exhibitions for the Open Access program. These include:

  • The quality of the work

  • The artists’ career trajectory

  • Innovation

  • Experimentation

  • How the exhibition relates to other exhibitions being presented

  • Scheduling and logistical requirements, and the galleries’ physical suitability for the proposed exhibition.

Exhibitions within the Open Access program are not restricted in terms of media, technique, or themes. We are looking for excellence in all creative forms within the expanded visual arts field.

The pillars that underpin our curatorial framework can be summarised as:

Relationships to our environment

Relationships to technology

Relationships to community

Solo exhibition
Group exhibition
Gallery 1
$317 per week
$436 per week
Gallery 2
$259 per week
$356 per week
Gallery 3
$346 per week
$475 per week
Galleries 1 + 2
$634 per week
$871 per week
Galleries 2 + 3
$665 per week
$915 per week
Galleries 1 + 2 + 3
$768 per week
$1,056 per week

These can be interpreted broadly, and we encourage proposals that approach these innovatively, experimentally, and inquisitively.

Please note that if your proposal is unsuccessful, that this is not a reflection of the quality of your work or your artistic trajectory. Your proposal may just not be the right fit for our program at this time. As we receive many applications to exhibit with us every year, we’re not able to accommodate all requests.


Why Exhibit at Gallery Lane Cove?

When you exhibit with Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios (GLC+CS) you receive:

  • Flexible and professional exhibition space in a central location, opened to the public 5 days per week (including Saturdays) with adjustable walls, gallery lighting and hanging systems.

  • Comprehensive one to four-week exhibitions including:

    • Opening reception with light refreshments/drinks and staffing (sales/reception, bar staff).

    • Curatorial support.

    • Comprehensive marketing strategy, including invitation design, printing and distribution, social media advertising, website and art media listings, and press releases.

  • Gallery staff for installation, invigilation, and sales.

  • low commission on artwork sale of 27.5%

  • Opportunity to place smaller works/merchandise in the gallery shop.

  •  Opportunity to present workshops and masterclasses as part of GLC+CS’ education program.

†  All exhibitions are required to present one public program, such as artists’ talks with no admission fees and no artist/presenter fees. Additionally, suitable pay-per-use workshops/masterclasses/etc may be presented where artists would receive a facilitator’s fee. Please speak with the gallery if you require further information.

Important dates

  • EOI's close Midnight Sunday 27 August

  • Invited artists will be notified by Friday 8 September

  • Invited applications close Sunday 8 October

  • Successful applicants will be notified by the end of October

  • Exhibition Period February 2024 - June 2025



The exhibition space is flexible and adaptive to various configurations, allowing us to present 1, 2 or 3 exhibitions at the same time. Exhibitions can be presented in either gallery 1, 2 or 3, galleries 1 & 2, or galleries 2 & 3 or across all three galleries.

Hire rates

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