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Elizabeth Creixell
Artist in Residence
Elizabeth Creixell is an emerging artist based in Sydney. Currently her work explores the notions of grief and loss through deeply introspective drawings and relief prints. Utilising text and subjects such as marigolds, moths and other insects in her compositions, Elizabeth aims to normalise the process of grief and offer a quiet space of contemplation and healing for her audience. 

Elizabeth holds a Master of Fine Art (2020) and a Bachelor of Fine Art (2018) from the National Art School. She has since continued exhibiting across Sydney and Greater NSW. Elizabeth was a semi finalist for the Tony White Memorial Art Prize (2020), and was a finalist for the Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award (2019) and was a recipient of the Olympic Park Residency Award (2018).

During her residency at Lane Cove Creative Studios, Elizabeth is further developing her body of work ‘Words I’ve Never Said’ combining drawings, linocuts and embossings exploring loss and heartache. This first iteration will be shown in a group exhibition soon to be announced in June 2023, and she is currently working towards her first solo exhibition 2023/2024.


Follow Elizabeth on Instagram @ecreixellart & website 

Sue Hanckel
Artist in Residence

Sue Hanckel is a multidisciplinary artist working on Gadigal land (Sydney). Her creative approach is research based and process led. Her art practice is a journey of conjecture and fictional mapping across imagined spaces.  There is a central recurring theme in her work - the question of how we find meaning and orientation when confronted with experiences of transience and absence.


Sue graduated with a major in print-media in 2008 (Bachelor of Visual Arts, first class Honours, Sydney College of the Arts). Since then, both large-scale printmaking and ephemeral installations have become her preferred media, allowing her to construct metaphoric spaces for change. Her prints are complex and layered narrative works on paper, using lino, stencil, cut-outs, and collage.  Her imagery is considered even though chance and spontaneity play a significant role in the creation of each unique print. Her assemblages suggest liminal spaces where uncertainty and shifting light alter possible fixed interpretation. In her sea-orientated installations, at sea (2003-2010) and the horizon has become aquatic (2007-2012), she created dynamic compilations with altered photographs, transcriptions of 

wood-block topographic charts and metres of cyanotype on sail-making canvas. The variable dimensions of each assemblage allowed older components to be replaced by new elements.


Professional access to print studios at Sydney College of the Arts (2009-2018) and Meadowbank TAFE (2019-2021) has enabled Sue to find her distinctive symbolic language and hone her skills as a fine art printmaker. The environmental print series HABITAT (2014-2018) reveals a strong body of work with a noted consistency in the quality and innovation in her printmaking techniques. During the year-long residency at Gallery Lane Cove & Creative Studios in 2023, Sue will complete the CONSTELLATED series of prints (2017-2023) for her exhibition at Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf in June. The wealth and cultural diversity of stories associated with each constellation are evident in each of these unique state prints.  


In preparation for a solo exhibition at GLC in 2024, Sue has turned her focus to intersections between science and alchemy – her new work includes drawings with light on cyanotype paper, assemblages of small mobile structures and palimpsests on found materials. Her background in Western medicine will find new ground in this exploration of mathematics, healing and art. 

Follow Sue on Instagram @suehanckel



Sue Hanckel - GLC.JPG

Angela Hanson
Artist in Residence
Angela Hayson’s current body of work is focused on human relationships; how we connect and communicate, negotiating what we expose or conceal of our true identity. It is about dual identities, embracing one’s own idiosyncrasies in order to remain authentic to self, contrasted against a public persona constructed according to social norms and expectations to gain acceptance in society. 


Anthropomorphic elements in nature have provided a metaphor for connection and communication.  The simplification of forms and emphasis on shape, space, colour and composition are explored in the works.


Angela resides and works in Sydney, has exhibited nationally and overseas since 2005 with work held in private and public collections. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (2004) with Honors (2005) from the National Art School and Master of Art from the College of Fine Art, UNSW (2010).  


During her residency at Lane Cove Creative Studios, Angela is exploring multiple mediums incorporating print, collage, drawing and sculpture, experimenting with diverse materials and processes. 


Follow Angela on Instagram @angelahayson & website

Angela-Hayson_GLC-Print-Studio-pulling print.jpg


Pamela Leung
Artist in Residence

Pamela Leung is a Sydney based emerging artist. She graduated from the National Art School with a Master of Fine Arts in painting in 2016.After moving from Hong Kong to Sydney in the 1970s, she enjoys a dual identity that is in her own words "Westernised" but intrinsically tied to her Chinese cultural heritage. Her works often draw on the migratory experience with relationships, connections, displacement and diaspora, which in turn tend to feature as the dominant themes her work.The use of reds or whites in her works refer to cultural, spiritual and traditional memories as well as meditation, Zen, emotion and the ordinariness of everyday life. She frequently brings together found materials or everyday objects to create symbolic sculptures or installations. In the same way through mark making, her drawings are careful compositions of lines that strongly suggest meditations on the everyday.

Applications for 2023-24 Artist Residencies will be opening soon!

If you are an artist interested in becoming one of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios's artists-in-residence and using our studios for your own practice, please register your interest with us by sending an email to

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