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Current Library Sculpture Plinth Exhibition

Elizabeth Creixell

Artists Statement


‘ PLAGUE’ (2023) explores notions of death, grief and loss through contemporary printmaking. Utilising peculiar insects in her compositions, Elizabeth lures the audience into her inner world as she grapples with the heaviness of grief. Employing distinctive mark making into her linocuts, she meticulously crafts these images to beautify the un-beautiful. The weight of these experiences is further emphasised through bold confessional style text that reads “HOLD ON”, “AND YET I PERSIST”, suggestive of the non linear process in ones bereavement. In a raw display of emotion, Elizabeth seeks connection and extends her care to the audience. ‘


Elizabeth Creixell is an emerging artist based in Sydney.

Currently her work explores the notions of grief and loss through deeply introspective drawings and relief prints. Utilising confessional style text and subjects such as insects, floral bouquets and dried flora in her compositions, Elizabeth aims to normalise the process of grief and offer a quiet space of contemplation and healing for her audience.



Elizabeth holds a Master of Fine Art (2020) and Bachelor of Fine Art (2018) from the National Art School. Upon graduating in 2021, she has continued to exhibit across Sydney and Greater NSW. Her first solo show SWARM’ opens in late October at Little Yellow Studio Gallery in Stanmore. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative studios. She was a semi finalist for the Tony White Memorial Art Prize (2020), was a finalist for the Lloyd Rees Youth Art Award (2019) and was a recipient of the Sydney Olympic Park Residency Award (2018).


Elizabeth Creixell
Medium: Linocut
Dimensions:15 cm x 18 cm
Year: 2023
Price: NFS

Artists Biography

Elizabeth Creixell is a current artist in residence at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios.
Follow the link below to RSVP to Elizabeth's upcoming solo exhibition.

For any further inquiry's about Creixell's work or practice please contact us at


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