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Ah Xian - Fledging No.9 - 2022 .jpg

Ah Xian, Fledging No.9, 2022, giclee and ink on Xuan paper, v.e. of 30, 140 x 70 cm, signed, inscribed and marked with seals of the artist. 


28 May - 29 June

Artists: Khadim Ali, Shahroud Ghahani, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Guo Jian & Ah Xian.

“The world is a vast network of interconnections, and our identities are constantly shaped by encounters with others.” Attrib. V.Y. Mudimbe.

The Wisdom of Others is an exhibition presenting works of five diverse and significant artists who, as part of their life journey, have at some point in their lives experienced displacement due to political conflict or natural disasters. Having been born in Pakistan, Iran, Lao PDR & China respectively these artist’s oeuvre reflect both their personal histories, cultural identities and the wider narrative of contemporary Australia. Their unique voices are equally global and historically literate, whilst at the same time, grounded in the here and now. The works manifest the beauty of pluralism and the flourishing of culture when hybridity is not only embraced but celebrated. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” 

The Wisdom of Others is presented by Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios in partnership with Lane Cove Council and our lending partners as part of Refugee Week 2024. 

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Hot Property.jpg


22 May - 15 June

Artist: Donna Feneley

Tempest Tapestry provides a glimpse into our wild and turbulent terrain, firstly transporting audiences to distant planes then demanding they be present, still and alone within her landscapes. Feneley's works often play on light, from looming skies to dark compositions enlivened by blazes or glimmers of sun to brighter, imagined places that are whimsical and even magical.

Donna Feneley, Hot Property, oil on canvas, 2024. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Calculation (Flux).jpg

Laura Matthews, Narcissus, 152 x 152 cm, oil on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist and Brenda Colahan Fine Art. 




Laura Matthews 

24 April - 18 May

curated by Brenda Colahan

The Calculation (Flux) is a major exhibition by notable Australian artist Laura Matthews examining both the physical and temporal relationship between the individual and the forces of nature.

A Gallery Lane Cove Guest Curator Program exhibition

"There’s always the potential for huge success or huge failure in any point of your life, which is what this exhibition is about – the tree roots of paths you could follow in your life could hinge on a very small decision (a calculation, if you will) and often, they’re impulses. Impulses that could very well change the course of our lives make everything so incredibly stressful – but also, extremely rewarding and joyous." Laura Matthews




Members of the Lane Cove Art Society

9 - 20 April

artXtra! is an exhibition open to all financial members of the Lane Cove Art Society. The exhibition is an insight into the diversity of the Society. Painting, Printmaking & Drawing are included in the exhibition.

All works are eligible for the prestigious Lloyd Rees Prize and the Guy Warren Prize for the two Best in Show. The names of the winning artists of both the Lloyd Rees Prize and the Guy Warren Prize are inscribed on an Honour Board displayed in the Lane Cove Library. 

The Lloyd Rees & Guy Warren Prize Winner - 
Ania Zmijewska, Midnight sun, Lofoten, Oils.


Ildiko Kovacs, Sun Burst, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary.



Bronwyn Bancroft, Monika Behrens, Judy Cassab, Adrienne Doig, Rosalie Gascoigne, Marisabel Gonzalez, Angela Hayson, Samantha Hobson, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Maree Kelly, Nicole Kelly, Ildiko Kovacs, Eva Kubos, Sue Lalor, Fiona Lowry, Nurit Ophir, Felixe Rives, Sally Ross, Kate Shaw, Brigitta Summers and Scarlett Stokoe 

28 February - 28 March

Co-curated by Rhonda Davis and Miguel Olmo.

Uneven Terrain: Surveying the Landscape presents the works of 8 emerging and mid-career artists alongside significant works from the Macquarie University Art Collection. At its core, the exhibition is about how the selected artists present, or rather represent the landscape within an abstracted and conceptual framework full of symbolism, energy, and mastery of their selected medium. These landscapes present us with a version of our world through not only the artists’ eye, but their lived experience. One that is framed by their gender, heritage, and environment.

Part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios suite of activities to mark International Women’s Day, the title, Uneven Terrain highlights the disparity experienced by many female-identifying artists in this country. It’s no secret that a gender pay gap exists in Australia. It’s calculated that women earn less than their male counterparts. What is perhaps a little more surprising and troublesome is that in the visual arts, female artists earn significantly less than the national average. Even though that more than two thirds of art school graduates are women, works by male artists constitute the bulk of artworks within the collections of most cultural institutions.

With this exhibition we aim to showcase the important, exciting, and skilful work being created today as we join voices with other national institutions to attempt to redress disparities experienced in our community. 

This exhibition is part of a two-venue exhibition partnership with Macquarie University Art Gallery.

5.Medusa and the Ultimate of Betrayals.jpg



Lucienne Fontannaz

28 February - 28 March

What is shared by the mythological, historic, and contemporary women: Medusa, Eve, Joan of Arc and Kurdish Women Fighters? They were all powerful females, dispossessed of their powers. The list is long of women who endured mistrust and betrayal, leading to violence against them, even murder. And their fall from grace, their diminished status, has shaped our consciousness and expectations of womanhood ever since. 


Lucienne Fontannaz’s ambitious painting project explores via the illuminations of art, the life and times of 13 archetype women. Through the alluring use of gold, an affirmative reinterpretation is brought to light, restoring the dignity and authority of such exemplary women, enabling them to be symbolically and practically inspirational today. 

Lucienne Fontannaz, Medusa and the Ultimate of Betrayals, mixed media on wood, 2020, 123 x 93 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

William Yang Blocked Moongate.jpg

William Yang, Blocked Moon gate, courtesy of the artist and Art Atrium gallery.



Bingbing Chen, Claudia Chan Shaw, Fan Dongwang, Dapeng Liu, Jayanto Tan, Laurens Tan, Pamela See, Wang Lan, Fang Xu, Wang Xu, William Yang 

31 January - 24 February

curated by Simon Chan

Lunar New Year in 2024 is a time to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. It is also a time to reflect upon the cultural diversity of Australian life. Transcendence features eleven Chinese Australian artists who navigate their cross-cultural journey mediating cultural differences and exploring their identity, heritage and tradition through their own different personal artistic expression and creativity.

Part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios' Guest Curator Program. 

Xanthe Muston, When I Was Green.jpg


Xanthe Muston

December - 25 January

Collected Stories: Scenes from a Window presents an exquisite selection of watercolour and mixed media paintings by Xanthe Muston, winner of the 2021 Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award. Muston uses literature as a starting point to explore private and often uncanny moments of human connection within the domestic landscape.

Xanthe Muston, When I Was Green, watercolour, gouache, ink, carbon transfer, electric embossing on 300 gsm paper, 76 cm x 57 cm, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

Shaping hand.png


Artists: Soledad Contardo, Sherelyn Cullen, Gemma Gale, Warren Hogden & selected ceramics students

8 - 25 January

Shaping Hand: Journeys with clay, presents recent work by Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios’ acclaimed teachers - Soledad Contardo, Sherelyn Cullen, Gemma Gale & Warren Hogden - alongside work by a selection of their students. The exhibition explores the two-way relationships that inform the practices of both teacher and student, a shaping hand that directs, comforts and inspires.

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