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Terrace Exhibition Space


Gallery Lane Cove has opened up our outdoor Terrace Space for exhibitions. This space provides the perfect opportunity to exhibit 3D artworks, installations, performances and projections.

Exhibitions periods are available for hire throughout 2020 for hiring periods between 2 and 4 weeks. Hiring costs for the space is $150 per week (no frills).

To apply, see the floor plan or find out more information on the space please here.

For more information please email us or call us 9428 4898.

Terrace Exhibition Space 2020 Call Out.j


Jennifer Brady & Yanchen Li


23 - 31 October, 2018 

In conjunction with mental health month, Piece of Mind, is an outdoor exhibition of reflections on mental health and lived experiences of mental illness. 

The group show activates a public space through performance, installation and participatory art, creating an area of reflection, understanding and articulation of things that are often difficult to express.


Playing with the idiom ‘peace of mind’ the exhibition brings forth a group of artist reflections on mental illness in both immediate and subtle ways. Each artwork in the space captures a fragment of experience,whether it be through an intimate recollection or a more political social commentary.


ARTPark @ Gallery Lane Cove

29 June - 18 August 2018

ARTPark Australia facilitates ever evolving travelling exhibitions of Innovative Contemporary Sculpture across Australia. ARTPark proudly represents both established and emerging sculptors, displaying highlight work in bronze, stainless steel, corten, timber and stone.

Each individual show runs through a perennial exhibition cycle in a different capital city, visiting only the most distinguished commercial and corporate venues available. By offering exhibitions in spaces open to the public, ARTPark brings elegant, highly finished, large scale sculpture directly to the people. 

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