Clare Nicholson

Hortus Conclusus 



H18 x W25 x D18cm


Instagram: @clarenicholsonsculptor


Hotus Conclusus rewrites the legacy of anatomical medical models to visually critique the nascent scientific inquiry of epigenetics.  Environmental epigenetics demonstrate exterior influences have the ability to impress upon the body, altering gene expression.  


Essentially, the body and the environment are now revealed as interdependent and permeable, rather than discrete entities. Hortus Conclusus imparts a hopeful sense of biophilia embodiment – the innate love and connection with nature. 


Clare Nicholson lives on Gadigal Wangal land in Sydney’s Inner West. She is a sculptor and educator, with a PhD in epigenetic maternal-foetal programming from UNSW Art & Design. Clare has held several solo shows within Australia and exhibited overseas.


Along with presenting at international conferences, Clare has co-authored ‘Sustaining Seas. Oceanic Space and the Politics of Care’, published by Rowman & Littlefield. Clare taught at UNSW Art & Design and currently teaches from her Haberfield studio.

Stefanie Ferguson

Sea Creatures: Coral, Pod, Tubas, Plero



Coral $40, Pod NFS, Tubas NFS, Plero $35

Instagram: @niefeceramics


Stefanie’s inspiration comes from the seabed exploring aquatic and marine life forms, in particular coral reefs and algae. Concepts for work occur through researching photographic images of specimens and creating her own forms through sketching.


Her work incorporates techniques and aesthetics such as hand building and wabi sabi to create individual works and works as a group she refers to as ‘clusters’.


Originally from Scotland, Stefanie studied a (BA) in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art. Upon graduating she moved permanently to Australia and pursued a career in galleries and museums across Australia. In 2019, Stefanie returned to her arts practice exploring ceramics and sculpture. She also curates PIVOT an online platform matching local makers with small businesses.


Stefanie has exhibited both in Australia and internationally. She has been a finalist in the Greenway Art Prize and was the 2021 recipient of the Village Hub Artists Grant where she held her first solo ceramics exhibition at Gaffa Gallery in mid 2021.


Her brand Niefe Ceramics sells across Australia, Singapore and is a featured brand on Finders Keepers.  

Amaya Iturri

Pull the Thread

Ceramic Sculpture (porcelain, stains)


$1, 575.00

Music: 'Trail' by Willebrant

Instagram: @amaya_iturri


Even though the artwork has a bias towards criticism of the fashion industry, the significant paradigm is the consumerism of fashion and its significant contribution in providing the foundation for the existence of the entire industry.

Pull the Thread is an invitation to consider our purchases and the power it brings in generating a cultural shift within the industry by maintaining an open dialogue regarding ethical production, and the irrational use of water in our society as a not ending resource is a fact that we should address as a priority.

The musical composition brings closer the notes of the environment, the sound of water, a walk in the bush, turning our emotion to the need of connecting with nature, in a subtle and meditative way.


Born in San Sebastian, Basque Country. Amaya moved to Australia, Sydney in 2000

She studied BFAA at the university of Basque Country in Bilbao holding a BFAA Art Conservation. She is based in Melbourne since 2005, where she has her Art studio.

Amaya has been finalist in numerous national art competitions such as Arthur Guy Memorial, Sunshine Coast and semi-finalist in the Doug Moran Art price.

Her artworks are held in private and public collection.

As a Conservator she has worked on the restoration of Sydney’s Town for the 2000 Olympics., and as an Antique Frame Conservator for the State Library, Victoria.

In 2020 the Moreland Council acquire her portrait of artist Turbo Brown, for their permanent Collection.

Pamela Drewitt-Smith

Woman Draped

Bronze on a black granite base.

25 x 36 x 22cm


Instagram: Pamela.drewittsmith


Pamela sculpts from her drawings sketched with a nude model. Woman draped is part of a series of 4 bronzes where she experimented with drapes and folds of fabric. Her interests lie in the human figure is in its fluidity of continuous line, she deliberately discards the detail so the emphasis is on the drape. It’s a source of inspiration and an ongoing challenge.


Pamela is a Sydney based Sculptor and painter. During Covid lockdown she has been finding painting inspiration closer to home, Garigal National Park and local parks and gardens. She enjoys the late afternoon light which brings with it elongated shadows and the abstract patterning of light. 

She is mostly a figurative sculptor. When sculpting, her marquettes begin in clay with a nude model. Working in clay is like working with a second skin and I try not to have a pre-conceived idea and let the clay bend to the model in front of her.