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Moments and Memories in print
Prints and artist books by Helen Best

31July -17 August 2019


Explorations of colour and light dominate this retrospective-style exhibition. Helen uses printmaking, bookbinding and related disciplines to capture colour observed in the landscape, in the garden, and in her travels.


Joyce Myers Creed.jpg



15-30 November

Opening Night:

Friday 15 November 6-8pm


Lane Cove Art Society member’s annual exhibition, featuring varied mediums from oils, acrylics and watercolours,
to pastel drawings and prints.  The exhibition will be open to public view 7 days, including weekends from 10am-4.30pm .

Image. Joyce Myers Creed.

Stacks and Sleeves: A Posthuman Landscape 

Alex Munt & Justin Harvey, Ella Barclay, Elena Knox, David Greenhalgh, Harley Ives, Karolina Partyka,

Tristan Chantand Svenja Kratz

16 October – 9 November  2019  

(Gallery Lane Cove)

30 October – 24 November 

(Galerie Pompom)


Inspired by Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon, this exhibition explores key Posthuman elements of real and imagined futures, including but not limited to human augmentation, extension of human life with digital/bio technologies and interstellar travel.


Initiated by Gallery Lane Cove, Stacks and Sleeves:

A Posthuman Landscape  was conceived as a platform to engage artists working at the intersections of art, science and technology in critical reflections of the Posthuman condition. Curated by Rachael Kiang, in partnership with George Adams and Galerie Pompom, the exhibition will span two venues across 6 weeks with a  2 week overlap. Some of the artists in the exhibition will be featured at both galleries.

File 3_edited.jpg

Different Shades of Light

Anne Buckingham and workshop participants

16 October – 9 November 2019

This social-engagement exhibition explores individual experiences of mental health and wellbeing as an everyday reality. Representing each person’s unique perspective, it also acknowledges the importance of the collective. The audience is invited  to experience the  different shades of mental health and wellbeing created by participants of a series of mental health and wellbeing workshops.There will also be an opportunity to contribute to the exhibition.

This exhibition is a part of Gallery Lane Cove’s Mental Health Month program. 

Lane Cove Gallery 2019 1 (2).jpg

Old Stories, New Latitudes

Raewyn Proctor and Natasha Daniloff

18 September – 12 October 2019 

This exhibition explores the concept of narrative as related to family, culture, landscape and memory. Themes of fragmentation, past and present, the immigrant experience and the creation of a new life underpin this body of work.Through the use of mixed media, works on paper and canvas, found objects, memorabilia and artefacts, Raewyn Proctor and Natasha Daniloff draw on their disparate cultural backgrounds to present a body of work that references the objects and stories belonging to them. 

Art Class (1).jpeg

The Body: Movement Light & Colour 

Ann Carney

18 September – 12 October 2019 

Ann Carney has been working as an artist in the Lane Cove area for over 30 years.  Her drawings and paintings explore the human form through colour, light and movement.  She is fascinated by the use of allegory in the depiction of the body and how it has been used throughout history as a political or moral code. One of the key pieces in the exhibition depicts the story of Adam and Eve with dynamic movement and bold colour. Ann’s version of this creation story reveals the embedded bias in the story. 


Vision in Ink



31July -17 August 2019

An exhibition showcasing experimentation in
printmaking, both in terms of processes and aesthetics. With a focus on emerging artists,Vision in Ink examines a range of printmaking strategies and aesthetics employed in Contemporary Art.

Cover image courtesy of the artist; JAH (Judith Harvey), Khazad-Dum - The Lord of the Rings, 2019 visual transposition silkscreen print.

Helen Best, Gold Fish Bowl, Woodcut print, 1970


Helen Best

31July -17 August 2019

Explorations of colour and light dominate this retrospective-style exhibition.


Helen uses printmaking, bookbinding and related disciplines to capture colour observed in the landscape, in the garden, and in her travels.

Beach Idyll II.jpg

BeacheSANDeserts: Mediations on the Margins
Peter Day

3-27 July 2019

Peter Day tears himself away from his prolific public art practice to show the paintings and sculptures that emerge after 53 years from his tutelage by early Pop Art star, Ken Reinhard and one of the earliest of artists to venture into Australia's deserts, Arthur Murch. The deserts turn up in Day's kaleidoscopic canvases, as do beaches – both often given an aerial view that references Aboriginal art. Reinhard's Popism can be felt in Day's post-Readymade sculptures.

Peter Day, Beach Idyll II, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 130 x 130cm
Travis de Vries, Shrine, Forbid and The Hidden Garden, 2019, mixed media, bone, canvas, rock, moss, plants, wood, found objects, The Bible. Courtesy the artist

The Hidden Garden

Travis De vries


23 May - 29 June 2019

The Hidden Garden is a narrative driven exhibition based on the Adam and Eve fable with a different take - from the lens of the Indigenous experience. It features paintings, photographs, drawings, soundscape and site-specific installations developed from Travis’ two residencies in 2018- at Australian Museum and Gallery Lane Cove.

2019-02-19-Paul Wright-0253 (1).jpg
Simon Says Touch fb event cover.jpg
(mistake) Making  Station, Wiltshier, 72

Conversations with Alice

Ann Cape . Sophie Cape. Jim Cobb. Raquel Cobb. Elisabeth Cummings. Chris Gentle. Ingrid Haydon. Bela Ivanyi. Judy Lane. Idris Murphy. Daniel Pata. Michael Schell. Willemina Villari. Guy Warren​

Curated by Bela Ivanyi​

3-27 April 2019

Initiated by Bela Ivanyi, a remarkable group of 14 artists assembled at Ross River in June 2018. Among them were Guy Warren at the age of 97, Elisabeth Cummings, Idris Murphy, Ann and daughter Sophie Cape and the rest who are all well-established artists for 40 to 50 years or more standing. This exhibition features a collection of new works - sketches done at Ross River as well as studio paintings and sculptures responding to the area.


Dylan Goh . Felixe Rives . Imogen Romot-Smith
Jazel Jozic . Kaylee Rincon . Sepidah Farzam


21-30 March 2019

Opening night: 21 March 6-8pm

Simon Says Touch! invites audience to explore materiality through the sense of touch, upending the experience of art to one beyond looking and towards touch and play.


The tactile exhibition features works from experimental artists who will transform the outdoor terrace into an art playground and artworks into playthings. From ceramics, embroideries to paintings, the works evoke our experience with the Earth, within ourselves and with one another.

This exhibition was curated by intern Natalie Tso, as part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios' internship program.



 a participatory artwork 

Christine Wiltshier

6-30 March 2019

Opening night: 6 March 6-8pm

The exhibition considered the generative possibilities within the unintentional and the purposefully made mistake.

Alongside her exhibition Christine invited members of the public to explore her medium and processes in 30 minute sessions.

Alia Parker Mycelial Un/Making 2019


Kath Fries . Alia Parker . Kate Brown

6-30 March 2019

Opening night: 6 March 6-8pm

An exhibition  focuses on the material turn as well as a renewed interest in the object. Artworks employ natural and man-made materials, highlighting the agency of the material and the vitality of matter.

View Exhibition Catalogue here.

_DSC4668 (1).jpg
Kath Fries, Abode (2018) beeswax, wire,
151218_ invite front_SPROUT_Tseng Ying-T

Sprout: The Conservation of Energy

TSENG Ying Tung

30 January - 2 March 2019

Opening night: 30 January 6-8pm

Sprout is the first Australian solo exhibition by Taiwanese artist Tseng Ying-Tung who is well known in Taiwan and China for his textural Papier-mâché works. Tseng, whose mixed media art is on permanent exhibit in a private museum in Taiwan, will introduce Australian audiences to his interpretation of energy and the symbiosis of human and nature through a new body of work. He has exhibited in Europe and America and has a significant public art practice in Taiwan.

This exhibition is part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios' 2019 Lunar New Year program.


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