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Lane Cove Art Society ArtXtra

9 - 29 November


Lane Cove Art Societys members annual exhibition . The Sculptures Society are joining them this year to exhibit at ArtXtra

Paintings and sculptures will be for sale.

Piece of Mind

24 - 31 October

As part of the Gallery's mental health month program, Piece of Mind is an exhibition of artists reflecting on mental health and lived experiences of mental illness. The group show activates the public space of the gallery terrace through performance, installation and participatory art, creating an area of reflection, understanding and articulation of things that are often difficult to express.


This experimental and collaborative exhibition is co-curated by interns Jennifer Brady (Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours student) and Yanchen Li (Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership student) and features emerging artists Fei Gao, Huy Lim Kha, Linda Sok, Rhiannon Hopley, Devon Mer, Jesse Bisset and Joel Hedge.

Join us at Gallery Lane Cove for the Opening of Piece of Mind on Wednesday 24 October from 6 - 8pm, with performance art from Devon Mer, Jesse Bisse and Joel Hedge.

Piece of mind.jpg


3- 27 October

Opening Night: Wednesday 3 October, 6:00pm


An exhibition of sculptures and jewellery    that explores cultural identity, memory  and spirituality through modern   and traditional art forms


Coexistence of Minimalism and Maximalism

3- 27 October

Opening Night: Wednesday 3 October, 6:00pm


A showcase of contemporary styles ranging for minimalist to maximalist, this is the annual exhibition of the Association of Korean Visual Artists in Australia (AKVAA). Esttablished in 1985, the association acts as a platform and voice of Korean artists practising in Sydney, Australia.

Dianne Craig_edited.jpg
Lydia Sun.jpg


Meander Stream

5 - 29 September


Opening Night: Thursday 6 September, 6:00pm

RSVP by 31 August


This exhibition is a collaboration by the artists representing the gentle unfolding of ideas, gestures and expressions in our day to day.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr Graham Marchant, former president of the Sydney Printmakers and member of the Australian Watercolour Institute


Conversations on Meander Stream with Judith Salmon and the artists Saturday 22 September 11am -12pm

Both artworks.jpg


Marine Art Today

5 - 29 September


The Australian Society of Marine Artists is a national organisation supporting the work of Australian artists working within the genre of maritime and marine art.

This exhibition showcases the work of ASMA members illustrating  maritime heritage, coastlines and waterways across Australia.

The exhibition theme ‘Marine Art Today’ emphasises the continuation of and dedication to the marine art tradition, and highlights the relevance of this artistic genre in the contemporary context.

For more information about the Australian Society of Marine Artists visit:

The ASMA high res image tile.jpg



Other Worlds: Science & Fantasy

22 August - 1 September October

An exhibition showcasing ceramics, paintings sculpture drawing and prints from local primary and high school students



Express yourself 2018

22 August - 1 September October

Annual Lane Cove Public School art exhibition

The Art of Friendship

Curatorium led by Guy Warren AM with Katrina Cashman and Rachael Kiang

22 June - 28 July

The Art of Friendship is a landmark exhibition for the gallery suggested by the distinguished Australian artist and Lane Cove resident Guy Warren AM, to mark the opening of our exciting new cultural precinct in Lane Cove, opening to the general public on 22 June 2018.


The Art of Friendship acknowledges the important role Guy Warren has played as an artist and educator within the Australian cultural sector for so many years, paying tribute to Guy through a small selection of works by his eminent Sydney artist colleagues, friends and professional associates over the years. The exhibition is a statement in itself of the importance of nurturing relationships to creative development, art making and the broader cultural network.


Exhibiting artists include:

Guy Warren with: Suzanne Archer, Deborah Beck, Gillian Bennett, Ann Cape, Tom Carment, Kevin Connor, Lucy Culliton, Elisabeth Cummings, Jim Croke, David Fairbairn, Chris Gentle, Margaret Goodall, Chick Gordon, Colin Husband, Nola Jones, Michael Kempson, Peter Kingston, Garry Shead,  Alun Leach-Jones, Chrissie Lloyd, Steve Lopes, Euan Macleod, Idris Murphy, Peter O’Doherty, Bernard Ollis, Daniel Pata, Amanda Penrose Hart, Luke Sciberras, Wendy Sharpe and Ann Thomson.

week 1.jpg



30 May - 16 June


Antoni Dyga is a Sydney based artist whose work is strongly influenced by his experience in the theatre overseas and in Australia (“Groteska” mask and puppet theatre in Krakow and the “Rune Theatre” Sydney) as well as his extensive career in the architectural model-making field in Sydney. His work has appeared overseas and Australia in group and individual exhibitions.


In this collection – titled “Timeless” – Antoni highlights the inherent possibilities of the individual, his drive towards virtue and desire for the good in a conflicted world.

Afghanistan 1970 -

A photographic Journey


2 May – 26 May 2018

Afghanistan 1970 is both a story about the artist’s personal journey through the region as it is about the history of the place. The exhibition weaves together a photographic tapestry of the country’s culture from a past era, depicting images of many sites which no longer exist, including the iconic, monumental statue of the Buddha of Bamiyan destroyed by the Taliban, and the Kuchi tribespeople who have all but disappeared.  The works form a pictorial record of travels through that memorable country, as part of a year-long overland trip from London to India with Brian’s travel companion, Raye Farr, in a VW Kombi, bought for the princely sum of 50 pounds.

Antoni Dyga
Antoni Dyga
Brian Dawson
A Buzkashi horse
Bandi-Amir Lakes
Bandi-Amir Lake

Unfolding Souls

Denise Scholz-Wulfing, Karen Ball, Bernhardine Muller & Elizabeth Pozega

2 May – 26 May 2018


Inspired by the many and diverse notions of the soul, this print based, mixed media exhibition will feature the work of Bernhardine Muller, Karen Ball, Denise Scholz-Wulfing and Elizabeth Pozega. Each of these artists has interpreted the theme from very different, non-traditional view points. For Bernardine. the river is the soul of the bush and the landscape, with all its shapes and forms such as fauna and flora. For Karen, the soul is a place where people dwell, the notion of the home and house are central to her work. In Denise’s work, the soul is housed in the tree of life and the birds are messengers ascending to the heavens. Elizabeth’s imagery relates to her soul ‘place’ where the mind can be at peace: the natural environment.  All four artists are members of the Sydney Printmakers, a prominent and active organization of artists who practice printmaking


Cee Egan

4- 28TH  April

Bernhardine Mueller
Denise Scholz-Wulfing
Karen Ball
Unfolding Souls
exhibition photo.jpg


Basketry NSW Inc

4- 28TH  April

Basketry NSW Inc members present an exhibition of contemporary basketry and fibre sculpture works in response to the theme of diversion.
Curated by Meri Peach



Tracy Stirzaker

7 March  – Saturday 31 March

Recalibrate – is an exhibition of being overwhelmed in the

everyday and sharing this with the

audience and connecting with those who may have experienced or are

experiencing being overwhelmed. 

Recalibrating the self and

recalibrating how the community assess and view those who are overwhelmed – continuing

conversations about mental health and about Asperger's. Tracy was  the artist in residence for
Gallery Lane Cove in early 2017.


Steel for Now



7 March  – 28 March

Exhibition to be opened by DAVID HORTON
Winner of Sculpture by the Sea


An exhibition of sculptural and

collaged forms that relate to the domestic milieu and everyday life. The artists explore the use of steel as a material that has a sense of solidity that gives the work a sense of gravitas.

online catalogue v here

Sometimes I feel like this
Tracy Stirzaker
Tracy Stirzaker
Ellenore Griffith
Ellenore Griffith
Caroline Duffy "ALPHA"
Ellenore Griffith "Surf's Up!"




7 February  – 3 March

An exhibition of textiles that delves into natural colour exploration . Mesmerising works which seek to redefine our perception of beauty

Image from exhibition.jpg
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