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Shelter Domestics

12 June - 31 August 2020

Ana Kondic (Netherlands) 
Arturo Herrera (USA)

Ashley Frost (Australia)
Elena Stelzer (Israel/Germany)
Elham Shafaei (UAE/Iran)
Elizabeth Rankin (Australia)
Gene Chen (UK/Taiwan)
Hannah Roach (UK)

Helen Grundy (UK)

Jan Cleveringa (Australia)
Joe Karlovec (USA)
Juliette Quédec (Ireland/France)
Karyna Aslanova (Ukraine) 
Kevin Kegler (USA)

Margaret Fitzgibbon (Ireland)
Mitko Karakolev (UK/Bulgaria)
Natalie Tso (Australia/Hong Kong)

Nicola Privato (Italy)

Rajib Bhattacharjee (India)

Rhea Gupte (India)

Rhonda Pryor (Australia)

Salvatore Esposito (UK/Italy)

Shameera Wiest (USA/India)

Teuta Pashnjari (Finland/Albania)

Yoo Kyung Shin (UK/Korea)

Yukti Vishal Agarwal (India)

Curatorial Statement

Turning gendered semiotics and the genre works of domestic settings on its head, Shelter Domestics examines the unusual current situation of home life where boundaries of the private and the public are blurred and at times, interchanged.This exhibition features artists from across the world working with a mixture of mediums.

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All rights reserved for images on display. Ownership and use of images belong to the respective artists and applied for purposes and intent of the virtual and online galleries.

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