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Ildiko Kovacs, Sun Burst, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary.


28 February – 28 March 2024 


Bronwyn Bancroft, Monika Behrens, Judy Cassab, Adrienne Doig, Rosalie Gascoigne, Marisabel Gonzalez, Angela Hayson, Samantha Hobson, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Maree Kelly, Nicole Kelly, Ildiko Kovacs, Eva Kubos, Sue Lalor, Fiona Lowry, Nurit Ophir, Felixe Rives, Sally Ross, Kate Shaw, Brigitta Summers and Scarlett Stokoe 

Uneven Terrain: Surveying the Landscape presents the works of 8 emerging and mid-career artists alongside significant works from the Macquarie University Art Collection. At its core, the exhibition is about how the selected artists present, or rather represent the landscape within an abstracted and conceptual framework full of symbolism, energy, and mastery of their selected medium. These landscapes present us with a version of our world through not only the artists’ eye, but their lived experience. One that is framed by their gender, heritage, and environment.

Part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios suite of activities to mark International Women’s Day, the title, Uneven Terrain highlights the disparity experienced by many female-identifying artists in this country. It’s no secret that a gender pay gap exists in Australia. It’s calculated that women earn less than their male counterparts. What is perhaps a little more surprising and troublesome is that in the visual arts, female artists earn significantly less than the national average. Even though that more than two thirds of art school graduates are women, works by male artists constitute the bulk of artworks within the collections of most cultural institutions.

With this exhibition we aim to showcase the important, exciting, and skilful work being created today as we join voices with other national institutions to attempt to redress disparities experienced in our community. 

This exhibition is part of a two-venue exhibition partnership with Macquarie University Art Gallery. 

Co-curated by Rhonda Davies and Miguel Olmo. 

Uneven Terrain: Surveying the Landscape

at Gallery Lane Cove 

28 February – 28 March 

Femme-Maison: Imagined Boundaries - Women artists from the collection and beyond

at Macquarie University Art Gallery 

26 February−29 April 2024 

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