Wing Pang

Fortune Cat


Digital Animated Illustration

2048 x 2048 px


Being born in Hong Kong and spending the first seven years of my life there, I was naturally attracted to the Asian cute culture that began in Japan when I was a child. As well as this, my interest in Korean and Japanese illustrators bought me to use a style that is both colourful and playful today. The Japanese fortune cat is said to bring wealth to those that own and display it. Over time, it has become more than just a Japanese symbol of fortune as it is adapted by numerous countries in South-East Asia. With the evolution of Asian popular art shifting from ink and traditional realism to a more "cute" aesthetic, modern depictions of the fortune cat also became more "cutesy". This "cute" style most likely emerged during the Sanrio popularity boom in the 1980s, becoming a staple icon in Asian popular culture ever since.

Artist biography

From as early as she can remember, Wing has never been without a pencil in hand and paper in the other (although now, the pencil and paper has been mostly replaced by their digital equivalent). For the many things that changed throughout her life, Wing’s passion for all things creative was one thing that never changed -- and not just a passion for creation, but also to create with purpose and meaning. Working as a visual content designer for Atomi whilst freelancing as an editorial illustrator, Wing views art as more than self- expression, but a powerful and universal language transcending the boundaries of age, culture and ethnicity. Being fluent in three languages, and learning a fourth, Wing’s art is inspired by humanity’s inherent need for communication and socialisation.