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Kara Pryor



26 x 20 x 26cm


Instagram: @ceramicsbykara


In 2018, Kara rescued a dog, named Nelson, he has a whole bunch of different breeds in him including American Staffi/Sharpei cross.  A lot of dogs that are mixed breeds are misunderstood. Some are aggressive, but mainly because of their owners and circumstances in which they have lived.  


Nelson had been beaten and chained up and is still very nervous, but we have given him an abundance of love, and he is now so loving and loyal. Kara made Felicity and put her in a pink embroidered cardigan, a reminder of her nan who used to wear one to show the world how soft she really is underneath and you can’t judge her by her looks as all she needs is love and care, like all rescue dogs do.


The world of fantasy has captured in Kara's imagination since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She would fill art books with drawings of fairies, unicorns & strange yet beautiful worlds. The essence of Pryor's work has always been fun, colour & perfection and always a reflection of herself.

Kara’s work has been in many galleries for sale and exhibition such as Kerrie Lowe, Breathing Colours, Art Est. Art School, NSW Craft, Manly Art Gallery, Northern Beaches Ceramics TAFE, Saint Cloche and Ewart Art Gallery. She also regularly exhibits at The Sydney Teapot Show and the Sydney Royal Easter Show, where her teapots have won prizes and have been bought by collectors. 

She obtained her Certificate for Advanced Diploma for Ceramics at Northern Beaches TAFE in 2015 majoring in hand building and creative teapots.

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