Chiara Barbi

Shadows #2, #15 & Meandering #3, #5

Embroidery on acrylic glass 

Various sizes

$350 - $700

Instagram: @chiarabarbi


Barbi’s practice involves her laser cutting design onto a variety of surfaces including acrylic glass, plywood and stainless steel. Working with rigid sheets allows her to think spatially, building layered models very sensitive to lighting conditions.


Her use of needle and thread is an alternative way to draw on the planes of her models, introducing different textures, rather than just adding pure colour. This is a challenging but very rewarding process: She loves to create new stitching patterns and to work a gentle, traditional craft onto seemingly impossible substrates.


Chiara Barbi was born in Italy in 1965. She graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan (M.Arch.) and worked for several years as a registered architect before moving to Australia.


She further pursued her interests gaining a Master in Design Science (Sust. Des. USYD  2011) and studying at the Julian Ashton School (2014 - 2018). She was semifinalist in the 2017 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and finalist in the 2021 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award.