T.H. KWONG Charlie

《Animal 1516ing》


Digital Collage

50cm x 50cm


《Animal 1516ing》 is the inner space that’s full of the feeling of 1516*. The self-struggle has become the new normal for some of us because of the political chaos and the sensational news coverage that has occupied our lives for more than a year. Meanwhile, the pandemic and the social movement in Hong Kong made the Animal Crossing be the trend for 2020, and the literal faraway island can let us do whatever we want - it’s freedom.


Only the literal faraway island on Animal Crossing can be our Neverland?

Could we live in a place without the feeling of 1516?


*1516 is a phrase in Cantonese pronunciation, which means struggling to make a decision.


Artist biography

T.H. KWONG Charlie, a British Overseas citizen based in Hong Kong, is a senior visual art student studying for his BA degree at The Education University of Hong Kong. Charlie KWONG works as an artist educator and designer who creates different works which are related to philosophy, Buddhism, social identity, digital culture, and political issues. His creative works were exhibited in South Korea and Hong Kong.

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