Carbohydrates (Pink world)


3D Computer Graphics

1920 x 1080 px


My art is a way to hide the other reality, creating a safe digital space for people like me who feel lost. My digital works are amusing pictures and videos about fun and love. I call it naif art from my heart.  I call it visual carbohydrates because I want to bring people joy. And if my digital art will be able to make somebody more joyful, I’ll be consider my mission accomplished.

Artist biography

Sofia is a 22 year old artist based in Moscow, Russia. Initially trained as a linguist and Russian literature researcher, she now works as a graphic designer and writer. Sophia's approach to design is problem-solving but not so for art. Sophia's art doesn't aim to ask the viewer to decide or think about something but as a way to hide inside another reality. 

Instagram @sofializanets