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Sol Contardo



Thrown vases with hand built flowers in porcelain and black clay

A) 11x8cm; B) 10x7cm; C) 8x8cm

$400 each

New life in the form of a blossom is always something that brings joy and happiness. It’s the magical transformation of nature that reminds us that there’s beauty always being born and that changes happen sometimes overnight but that we have to be patient to let it happen



Thrown vases with hand built flowers in porcelain and black clay



From fragility to fortitude: delicate things can transform into strength and power. Just like the fragility and delicacy of porcelain becomes strong with the firing, a person who has gone through difficult times can become resilient and strong by life experiences which are constantly molding us and creating change in us enriching our lives.

Gum leaves on Burnt Bark


Hand built saggar fired ceramics

Left A)35x17cm top B) 35x15cm middle right C) 17x8cm 

Left A)$350; top B)$350; middle right C)$200

Change in life cycles, like the change from a tree in full splendor and life, to drying leaves and burnt bark is also full of beauty, The colours of the changing leaves and the contrast of wood when it has burnt can also be something that inspires a change, to start form the ground or rise from the ashes.

Wall Flower Sculptures


Raku fired Ceramics

Large 30cm Medium: 25cm Small: 20cm

Large 30cm $400; Medium: 25cm $300; Small: 20cm $200

ALTERATION: The violent process of raku firing creates the beautiful patterns on the clay by imprinting with smoke where the cracks appear due to the thermal shock and just like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly after a period in the cocoon, the images on the surface begin to appear after a period of time in the smoke barrel to reveal all its beauty when it comes out.

Change of Heart


Raku fired, Hand built ceramics


$400 each

From an early age we experience love and get to know what a broken heart is. Whether it’s a first love or the love for a pet that passes away or a friendship that goes sour and as we mature we find love at different stages of our life until we find THE love we choose to give our heart to but during all these experiences, our heart is broken, then mends and then it heals and its ready to love again; each time leaving new marks and changes but regenerating creating a story of our heart.

Artist biography

Sol is a Sydney based ceramic artist. She has lived in several countries around the world, which have all influenced her in many different ways.

Trained as a professional photographer and translator, she first started pottery 10 years ago and since then, she has attended different workshops around the world, influencing her decision to study a Diploma of Visual Arts in ceramics. During 2020, she was an Artist’s Residency at Gallery Lane Cove which culminated in a solo exhibition based on the incredible story of the Selkna’m People with her show “Te Hoseke’n Harw”. She also teaches ceramics to adults and children at Gallery Lane Cove Creative Studios.


“My work is inspired by everyday life as well as by my personal experiences. I have lived in so many places which have all influenced me and, in a way, contributed to my own “metamorphisis”, seeing the world and my experience living in all these places has shaped me and shaped my creativity and my work which is everchanging”.

Instagram @solceramics

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