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Lucienne Fontannaz, Medusa and the Ultimate of Betrayals (detail), mixed media on wood, 2020, 123 x 93 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.




Lucienne Fontannaz

28 February - 28 March

What is shared by the mythological, historic, and contemporary women: Medusa, Eve, Joan of Arc and Kurdish Women Fighters? They were all powerful females, dispossessed of their powers. The list is long of women who endured mistrust and betrayal, leading to violence against them, even murder. And their fall from grace, their diminished status, has shaped our consciousness and expectations of womanhood ever since. 

Lucienne Fontannaz’s ambitious painting project explores via the illuminations of art, the life and times of 13 archetype women. Through the alluring use of gold, an affirmative reinterpretation is brought to light, restoring the dignity and authority of such exemplary women, enabling them to be symbolically and practically inspirational today. 

14.Andromeda Assailed.jpeg


Friday 8 March

Time: 7:15-9pm

Location: Gallery Lane Cove

Free Event

Join us for the opening event, meet the artists and enjoy some refreshments. 

Lucienne Fontannaz, Andromeda Assailed (detail), mixed media on wood, 2018, 93 x 63.5 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

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