Intro to Throwing (Wheel Work) with Janine Flew, Thursdays 6.00-9pm

Term 3 begins Thursday 22nd July



Tutor: Janine Flew

9 Week Term

Cost: $330


Making pottery on the wheel is addictive! This class will teach you how to centre the clay and to make bowls, vases, plates, mugs and cups. Decorate them with carving, sgraffito, slip trailing, and colour, then glaze and fire your work.


Suitable for beginners and continuing students.


No previous experience necessary.


Materials that students need to provide:

* hair dryer

* any tools beyond our basic selection

* apron

*any additional glazes beyond our selecion

* Clay can be purchased through the Gallery at a cost of $22/23 per bag


Intro to Throwing (Wheel Work) with Janine Flew, Thursdays 6.00-9pm

  • Janine has a Diploma of Fine Arts (Ceramics) from Northern Beaches Institute of TAFE. A practicising ceramicist, she finds joy in imparting her skills and knowledge to curious students who love to create with clay.


    She is fascinated by the versatility of clay and enjoys exploring its many characteristics, idiosyncracies and technical challenges. Her current interests lie mainly in wheel forming, using coloured clays, experimenting with glaze-on-glaze effects and creating different textures, such as carving and stamping clay. When she is not messing about with clay, she works in museum publishing and continues a 40-year addiction to textile crafts.