ONLINE CHILDRENS Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media 5-7 yrs WEDNESDAYS



Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media.

Wednesdays 3.30-5.00pm

7 week term

5-7 years

$122 (Please note this does not include materials)


This course will focus on developing painting skills, 3 dimensional work through soft sculptures associated with craft and collage. Please note that the structure of the course has been developed to suit online learning with discrete projects to be completed in each session. Led by one of our most experience visual arts teacher Jann Dark who is a Doctor of Creative Arts.


Note to parents: Jann has tried to keep the materials for each class as easy to get as possible. We will send a materials list and class details after booking. Course outline includes mask making, making a spider, drawing and painting your living room and many more fun classes. The materials include paint, paper, glue, scissors, scrap materials and textas. Full list will be available after booking.


You will probably need to be in the room with your child during the lesson. Jann will lead the children through the class, showing them what to do but you as the parent  will need to manage paint etc and the use of scissors to make sure all is done safely. Please let your child do as much as is safe and possible for your child to do on their own, so they learn to do things for themselves.

ONLINE CHILDRENS Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media 5-7 yrs WEDNESDAYS

  • Jann Dark is a Doctor of Creative Arts and is one of our longest serving teachers at gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios , she has been teaching with us since 2009

    "My favourite artists: There is a long list. Today I think of Shazia Sikander,;Pina Bausch (choreographer and dancer); Henri Michaux; Pierre Bonnard; Cindy Sherman; Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

    To my students: You can make a mess (as long as you help to clean up after);look at the world around you a lot; there are no mistakes just other ways of doing things"