ESSENCE OF WATERCOLOURS with Amanda Doctor Tuesdays 9.30am -12pm

9.30am -12.00pm

Tuesdays starting 27th April

9 week term


If tonal value is the structure - the bones and muscle - of a painting, the illusion of light gives it its
soul. Watercolour artists work transcendent magic by creating the illusion of light on 2 dimensions
with pigment and water.

In this 9 wk course students will learn to lay a flat wash and variations, colour mixing, overlaying
colours, creating highlights and light and will cover all aspects of watercolour painting - papers,
brushes, colours and techniques.

Chien Chung-Wei a wonderful Taiwanese watercolour artist sums it well when he says, “Know
what you want, figure out the sequence and direction, concentrate on doing it and notice every
trace left by your every movement. This is watercolour, this is life”

ESSENCE OF WATERCOLOURS with Amanda Doctor Tuesdays 9.30am -12pm

  • Biography

    Amanda has been a student at various art facilities including COFA (MArt) Julian Ashton Art School, National Art School for welding and bronze sculpting as well as Waverley Woollahra Art
    School where she also served on the Board for a number of years and completed various courses.
    Amanda has serviced many commissions including portraits and sculptural figurines.
    At present she is working on a series of watercolour paintings for a solo exhibition next year as well as for the past 4 years teaching watercolours at the Coast Seniors Centre and Art Boot Camp at
    Eastern Suburbs Community College.




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