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Age Group: 8-12 Years

Teacher: Yvonne Le

Day & Time: Wednesdays 3:45pm-5:15pm

9 Week Term

Cost: $208


This course is designed to introduce students to the versatility of drawing and painting with a focus on

visual communication, art as play and creative experimentation. Inspired by the seasons and informed by the bold colours of the impressionism movement, this course is more technique driven and encourages students to push themselves.

Drawing with soft/chalk pastels

In response to the climate change crisis, students will choose from a selection of endangered Arctic/Antarctic animals to create a moody drawing.


Painting with acrylics

Using masking tape, students will use negative space to create a winter wonderland painting. Students can challenge themselves by adding buildings, people or animals into their scenery to create further



Drawing with oil pastels

Create your own nymph, fairy or spirit character to adorn with the trinkets of springtime. Students will learn about portraiture drawing, including proportion, caricature and exaggeration.


Painting with ink

Inspired by Chinese ink painting, students will create either a vase, bouquet or wildflower scene.


Drawing with graphite

Insects and arthropods are the theme for this week. Students will look at macro

photography and hyperrealism in fine art to create drawings with minute detail.


Painting with acrylics

Create a painting of a tropical island horizon scene focusing on silhouette and light.


Drawing with ink/markers

Inspired by comic artists, graphic novelists and mangaka, students will pencil and ink their own action filled drawing. Skills learnt in this class are an extension of week 3, this time looking more into full body



Painting with ink/water colours

Create either a landscape or a portrait using layers of soft washes and bold shapes, then lined in intense white or black ink.


Students will plan and complete their own project or use this time to expand on an art technique

introduced in previous weeks.

Kids Mixed Media, 8-12 YRS WEDNESDAYS 3:45pm-5:15pm

  • Yvonne Le is currently undertaking their Honours in Media Arts majoring in Character Animation at UNSW Art & Design. She specialises in human anatomy, character art and life drawing and is the 2018 president of UNSW Art & Design’s student-run Life Drawing Society, and secretary and founder of UNSW Art & Design’s Animation Society. Yvonne has experience teaching children and adult art classes and workshops across several mediums including but not limited to drawing, life drawing, painting, basics of animation and hand-building ceramics.

    Yvonne’s art-making practice revolves around the aesthetics of human movement and the Body as allegory across two- and three-dimensional mediums and more recently live performance. Her major creative inspirations are femininity, Romance, the occult and the high fantasy genre.