Age Group: 5-7 Years

Teacher: Jann Dark

Day & Time: Tuesdays 3:45pm-5:15pm

9 Week Term

Cost: $208


Over the 9 week term, students will learn about the elements of line, space, form and texture through a variety of processes and materials.


Tunnels, Spiders and Flying Things
In these classes children will be introduced to the mechanics and logic of transforming a
drawing or painted 2 dimensional form to different forms of sculpture. They will explore how
colour changes elements of perception, such as depth, closeness and nearness, flatness and
The class will be experimental and experiential as suited to the age group, with a focus on
group and cooperative learning and creating. We will make sculptures and explore raised or
relief collage as a precursor to fully 3 dimensional sculpture.
Developing dexterity and fine motor skills is a vital part of a child’s cognitive development.
This class is primarily focussed on this element of child development while also encouraging
creative expression and developing the imagination. Children will be presented with problems to solve to give them agency over their own work and to encourage imaginative and problem solving thinking.
There will be some gentle correction for older children, but younger children will be
encouraged rather than corrected too much, as children at this age are still in the very early
stages of developing their abilities, such as eye hand coordination, fine motor skills and

Draw, Collage, Paint & Build, 5-7 YRS TUESDAYS 3:45pm-5:15pm

  • Dress for mess!
    Whilst it's fun and exciting, making art can get messy so make sure you are wearing casual and comfortable clothes that are allowed to get a  little bit grubby. Fully enclosed shoes MUST be worn at all times in the workshop.


    Pack a snack!
    Please note that food is not provided for students, so if you think you will get hungry during the class, bring something to eat. A waterbottle is also a good idea!


    All art making materials will be provided!



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