3-in-1 Kids Art Workshop Pack & Materials

3-in-1 Kids at-home Activity Pack & Materials


$35.00 (includes 3 step-by-step activity, 1 Painting 1 Drawing 1 Sculpting plus all materials needed)


This art pack is essentially 3 workshops/lessons in one. Designed by experienced and qualified art educator and artist Jana Griffiths, it is created to support students' artistic expression and enhance their skills in drawing, design and 3D modelling. 


It consists of 3 structured art projects with clear, step-by-step instructions guiding students how to create 3 very different works in various mediums. The pack also includes the materials required for the completion of each project.


Students can easily follow the structured lessons and create artworks from the comfort of their home.


About the teacher who designed this Workshop pack

Jana Griffiths holds tertiary qualifications in Art History, Visual Arts and Design and Education. She has taught visual arts in both primary schools and high schools and is one of our most experienced children's art teachers. 

3-in-1 Kids Art Workshop Pack & Materials