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Gallery Lane Cove is a Lane Cove Council facility managed by Centrehouse Inc.

We acknowledge the Cameraygal people as traditional owners and soverign custodians of the land on which Gallery Lane Cove is situated, and we extend our respects to all First Nations people




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Past Exhibitions 2015



a light-based installation and exhibition by Laura Jade Hindes and Stephanie Shehata

21 January - 27 February 

Opening with artists:

Wednesday, 21 January from 6pm

Artist Talk: Saturday 7 February, 11am


Artists Laura Jade Hindes and Stephanie Shehata will be exhibiting Fractured Infinity, a light based installation as part of Sunset in the Village Festival and in partnership with Lane Cove Council. Both artists are currently completing their Masters of Design in Illumination and have created this site specific work exploring the connections between light, art, science and the natural world.


Please download the invitation here.


Photographs from the opening night









an exhibition of works on paper by Margaret Vickers, Lotte Smith & Mie Nakazawa 

3 March  - 21 March 2015

Artist Talk: Saturday, 21 March from 11am.


The surprise element often surfaces in my artwork. My lines are constantly searching for identity. Are they about me? In part they are but I am also searching for what could be described as the more “universal” identity, if indeed such a thing exists. There are many perspectives to a person’s identity so in this sense there is a chameleon quality to my work. If I were asked to describe my line making I would say it is energetic, animated and expressive. At times I throw my whole body behind my mark making. Music often enhances my focus which then impacts on the type of line made. However, I am mindful not to be too prescriptive so that the viewer can add their interpretation to the image. Creating marks that produce images is such a meditative and totally engaging process for me.




Emotional states recur in my artwork. The various moods inherent in my images are attained by using very fluid lines that depict movement of  the human figure often set against surreal backgrounds. For me screen printing allows the image to evolve during the creative process. What I especially love is how one line dictates the placement of another. In a sense, as an artist I am “choreographing” my lines in such a way that my genuine interest in movement is captured so my images could be seen as being like “frozen moments in time.” Seeing my mark making in this way also highlights my interest in film. Whenever I am working I am aiming for my marks to penetrate into a deeper state of mind. As a result, there is often a very serene or even dreamlike physicality to the rendering of my figures.





To capture the wild beauty of alpine areas in the high country of NSW and to detect connections that exist between Man and Nature in these relatively pristine environments were certainly overpowering influences informing my mark making in this body of work. Corot and Caspar David Friedrich were definitely present somewhere in the spirit of the work. The subject matter oscillated from representational to abstraction so the line making is diverse in its expressive character and embraces a wide range of techniques from printmaking to watercolour and acrylic painting. An absolute sense of wonder occurred as research uncovered really interesting aspects of the fauna and the flora found in this scenically awesome region. What impact climate change is exerting on this environment was also examined. Understanding the alpine environment, relaying its beauty and promoting the natural rhythms that occur in this terrain were factors that shaped the lines behind these images. 



Liz Stops, Hannah Carroll Harris, Emily Gunthorp and Mark Swartz  

curator: Felicity Martin

25 March  - 25 April 2015

Artist Talk: Thursday, 26 March from 10.30am.


Sustainable Aesthetics is a curated exhibition of four artists dedicated to developing an art practice that endeavours to have minimal impact on its surrounding environment. The selection of materials, the process of making, the management of waste and resources are all conscious decisions that impact on the aesthetics of their work. Through their art, Liz Stops, Hannah Carroll Harris, Emily Gunthorpe and Mark Swartz communicate their concerns relating to the conservation, preservation and restoration of our ecosystems. 


Images top to bottom:

Liz Stops, Floored Construction (detail), ceramic and recycled wood.

Mark Swartz, bamboo

Emily Gunthorpe, plastic and textiles




Lisa Tolcher

25 March  - 21 April 2015


Treasure Parts is an exhibition of wood sculptures and drawings by Lisa Tolcher, our first Artist in Residence for 2015. Lisa has just started her Honours in Sculpture at the National Art School.

She aims to bring balance and tension between abstracted forms inspired from organic and asymmetrical shapes. Lisa will be exploring this concept with reference to the natural landscape and architectural elements Lane Cove has to offer.

Image: Arousal II, wood




The 50th birthday anniversary exhibition

1 May  - 9 May 2015


To celebrate this momentous occasion, there are more awards this year for artists to win. This exhibition is an ecclectic selection of works on paper and paintings from experienced local artists.


These works are affordable and there are many styles, with over 200 works to choose from. 


Opening night: Friday, 1 May from 6pm.

Special Free Talk: Barry Pearce, writer and curator will visit the gallery on Saturday, 2 May from 11am. 

Please RSVP to 02 9428 4898 or


Download the pdf invitation 




Sample errrrrrs

Christine Wiltshier

12 May  - 6 June 2015

Opening 13 May from 6pm 


During a 2014 residency at Centrehouse Art Centre in Lane Cove, Sydney based artist Christine Wiltshier investigated the construction and traditional uses of counted cross-stitch. This stitch is a form of repetitive counted-thread embroidery and is worked with cotton threads on a grid-based cloth.


Christine was particularly drawn to the use of cross-stitch in the creation of stitched samplers. The classic sampler is a record of a young girls early introduction to literacy, numeracy and needlework.


In Sample errrrrs Christine has reconfigured aspects of the traditional cross-stitch sampler and combined these with the concept of the stitch work sample (a playful and experimental way to develop ideas).


Working with paint, stitch, printing and frottage each Sample errrrr records her own and appropriated text gleaned during the cross-stitch process. Producing an idiosyncratic and spontaneous record, rather than a planned and ordered, expression of her time at Centrehouse Lane Cove.


Christine Wiltshier is a cross-disciplinary artist and maker, with a background in traditional textile making. Her conceptual driven work explores interactions between hand, eye and thought through the processes of making, unmaking and remaking. 




Enduring Reserves

Rachel Carroll, Cade Turner & Lisa Rodden

10 - 22 June 2015

Opening, Saturday 13 June from 12pm 


This exhibition celebrates the flux and flow of nature. Each artist explores the difference in nature’s complex movements. Seasonal, daily, globally. Our interest in nature’s cycles is ever constant.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature. The insurance that dawn comes after night and spring comes after winter” – Rachel Carson

This quote brings us all into alignment and through paint, paper & photography we seek fluctuating details to celebrate the flow of seasonal or global change.


Lisa Rodden CV


Cade Turner CV


download invite


view the pre-sales catalogue


If you would like to purchase a work from the catalogue, please call the gallery on 02 9428 4898 or email us.





Waterworks II

Magie Maule

14 - 25 July 2015

Drinks with artist, Wednesday 15 July from 6pm 


Local artist, Magie Maule will be exhibiting her latest body of work in her exhibition titled, “Waterworks II” and you are welcome to visit the exhibition from the 14 – 25 July. Magie is somewhat besotted with the shimmery reflections and depths of the worlds under water. She has a unique insight into how the body interacts with the liquidity of water, a very difficult visual experience to capture on canvas. Having studied fine art in the UK, Magie moved to Australia in 1982, where she continued the operation of her fashion business. Her love of painting, encouraged her to start a painting effects company in Sydney and she wrote six books on stencilling, lecturing at Sydney Community College for many years. You can meet the artist at drinks on Wednesday 15 July from 6pm and delve into the deep sea. Magie has been exhibiting with the local art societies and this is her second solo show. The mostly acrylic on canvas paintings are for sale if you are looking to add to your art collection or maybe you need to start one? Visitors are also welcome to just browse and view the work. 


download invite









52nd Lane Cove Art Awards

8 - 16 August 2015

Opening: Friday 7 August from 6pm (please note there is $5 donation on entry)


An exhibition of almost 300 works from local artists including an eclectic and diverse selection of styles and mediums. Works are for sale and further entry to the exhibition is free.


download invite here












an exhibition of woven sculptures, using natural fibres and materials.

7 - 19 October 


Opening with special guest speaker, Jason Woodland, Interior Designer, Fanuli Furniture.

Wednesday, 7 October from 6pm 


Love.Honour.Cherish explores the connection and relationship we have with our environment and the beauty it shares with us. It’s about seeing the extraordinary in everyday moments. For me, it’s about being still, and letting the beauty emerge.

These woven pieces use nature as a way to connect with people that goes beyond physical beauty, but really touches them in a personal and profound way.

Love.Honour.Cherish is a collection of beautifully woven pieces that honour and worship the earth beneath our feet and the new growth that can emerge from it. Further, the concept of holding sacred our link to forests, bushland and trees as our ancestry is so closely connected to the earth and the vines, leaves and plants that grow from it.

My work adds a contemporary layer to the ancient art form of weaving, which is often dismissed as functional craft. My work gives the viewer the opportunity review their assumptions about craft and its potential in art. When they see my work, it forces them to see beyond their concept of basketry.

In conversation with the artist.

Catriona Pollard will discuss her process and work on

Saturday, 10 October from 11am. Free event with morning tea.













Megan Jones


15 September - 3 October

Opening with artist

Wednesday 16 September from 6pm 


Almost 25,000 mostly young working class girls were transported to Australia, sent to become wives and servants of men, to ‘civilize’ and populate the new country.

Once in Australia women were assigned as servants or allocated to men as wives. Until a Female Factory was built in Parramatta in 1821 there was little accommodation for them. Factories served as holding depot, hospital, nursery and gaol, continuing the government’s intrusion into their lives. This included removing their children into Orphan Schools at age three.

 Women were not passive victims, however, and found ways to resist and defy the institutions surrounding them. This series explores their experiences, realistically or symbolically. 


artist CV - Megan Jones

online catalgoue


Free Public Lecture:

Fractured Families: life on the margins in colonial Australia by

Dr Tanya Evans, writer and Senior Lecturer, Department of Modern History, Macquarie University

Friday, 2 October from 11am 











Catriona Pollard - CV and Bio


View online Catalogue




Loique Allain

winner 2013 Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award

18 August - 12 September 

Opening with special guest speaker, artist Neil Frazer:

Friday 21 August from 6pm 


Since winning the 2013 Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Awards, Loique has travelled, attended international residencies and recenty started her Honours in Tasmania. This exhibition will showcase her latest body of large format lino and wood block prints.


Special "in conversation" interview and artist talk with award winning print maker, Rew Hanks

Saturday, 22 August from 11am