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Past Exhibitions 2013

Marisa Bartholomew


26 November - 14 December 

Marisa has had a passion for visual art and photography for over 25 years. She has undertaken formal studies and academic learning, constantly researching, practiced and experimenting with various techniques.  


This exhibition is a collection of colour and black and white photographs exploring the aesthetic beauty found in nature. The colour photographs have been cross-processed, a technique where slide film is used and processed as negative film. Cross-processing creates wild colour, increase in contrast and increase in graininess, it adds an exciting experimental element and in some cases changes the dynamics of the object, transposing it to another form.



Through the eyes of Stargardt

12 -23 November 2013 

Opening: 13 November from 6pm

Talk: 20 November from 11am


Keith Rutherford is a visual artist living in Illawarra south of Sydney and grew up on Sydney’s North Shore in Mosman.  He’s been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember and, having come out as a blind person (Stargardt disease) in 2007, now deliberately brings his visual perspective to much of his work. He has won a number of awards and was hung at various times in the Wynne and Dobell prizes at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and  was selected for a residency at the Bundanon, which he completed at the end of last year. This exhibition will showcase many of his latest works made during his residency and has been sponsored by LAne Cove Council in support of artists with a disability.

Artist Statement: 

My oils on canvas and works on paper are Abstract Expressionism keyed by the Landscape.  These Art works sometimes include text.  My paintings blur the lines between drawing and painting.

I respond to the Landscape to get me over the threshold of the blank canvas or paper to key my mark making. 

Mark making with paint or pencil, graphite and charcoal then becomes the subject of the Art work when balancing Line, Mass and Tone.

Although I refer to my Art as being Abstract Expressionism, it’s very much akin to New Symbolism.  My earlier influences were John Firth Smith, Willem de Kooning, Gerhardt Richter and more recently Cy Twombly.

My Art has been in the public eye ever since I was in Art School at Alexander Mackie but really took off  in 1999 when I was selected for the Wynne Prize for Landscape at the AGNSW. And again in 2006 in  the Dobell Prize for drawing. 

“the meaning of the work is in the doing of it”

Cy Twombly

For this latest body of work the serenity I found at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon inspired me to paint and draw both the small found objects and the large Mass of the sky to express the quiet serenity that I found whilst at Bundanon. I reference the colour of the sky to form the basis of the Mass in my paintings and works on paper.  I find the Line from nature and then exaggerate it and balance it with the Mass.  For tone I don’t merely render or copy nature but rather rival it. Making my mark inspires me.  Where once this mark didn’t exist, it now exists. 

I’m at ease when making my mark with pencil, graphite, charcoal and oil paint.  It becomes automatic and a kind of kilo graphic graffiti.     

I have been selected for such Exhibitions as the James Kiwi Prize for watercolour, Hazelhurst Prize for works on Paper, the Mosman Art Prize, the  Willoughby Art Prize, the Wynne Prize for Landscape and the Dobell Prize for Drawing at the AGNSW to name a few.


Click here to read an interview with Keith about his work.



Cathy Hamilton


29 October- 9 November 

Opening: 30 October, 6pm

Talk: 9 November, 11am

Still Life, Real Life is an exhibition of ceramics pieces, Cathy has made by hand and then painted them as part of a still life. The still life has a long tradition and history of artists rendering the objects that are a part of our everyday domestic existence, telling stories about our lives and capturing the intelligence of our ingenuity. These works are a burst of colour, some still and contemplative, others bold and energetic.

Cathy now lives in country NSW but was a local for many years, so it will be great to catch up with old friends and an opportunity to see how life in the country has informed her artworks.

Showing from the 29 October until the 9 November, entry is free. Opening Drinks are held on Wednesday, 30 November from 6pm and an Artist Talk will be held on 9 November

North Sydney Institute


15 -26 October


FOOD INK exhibition was held in conjunction with the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month. This was an exhibition of  more than 40 artworks that explored the modification, production and consumption of food in Australia. It was presented by the Printmaking and Photography students from the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE from the Meadowbank and Hornsby campuses, with Head Printmaking Tutor, Rew Hanks. 


October 2013

Pamela Fairburn's Travellers, IMPRESSIONS AND CONNECTIONS

paintings and works on paper


This exhibition showcased artworks inspired by travel to France. This art tour group was led by Artist Pamela Fairburn and Tour Director Adrienne Witteman.


Members of the Impressions Art Tour 2012:       

Anne Davidson, Vanessa Collins, Diana Garth, Dorothy Gosby, Pamela Fairburn, Christine Johnston, Susan Lucena, Jennifer Palmer, Nerryl Roper, Annie and Mike Richards, Lesley Richman, Linda Simonis, Virginia Ware, Adrienne Witteman.


You can see more photos from the exhibition here.








September 2013

Openbite Printmakers


prints and installations


The flow of conversation, the stream of consciousness, the fountain of youth…

Our language is overflowing with liquid metaphors. From the passionate pulse of our bloodstream to the tides of history, all things fluid and flowing have seeped into our everyday imagery.


This exhibition from printmaking group Open Bite, now in their twenty-second year, aimed to make a splash with a collection of printworks on the theme of Flow.


The many and varied Open Bite printmakers were  delighted to dive right in and paddle about in this year’s exhibition theme. They applied their individual approaches and wide ranging printmaking techniques to produce a pool of works depicting watery worlds, creatures of the deep, figures in motion and the steady ebb and flow of a lifespan.


Through the textures of collagraphs, the intricacy of etchings, monoprints, woodblocks, screen prints, solar plates and linocuts the printmakers tapped into a wonderful wellspring of ideas.