Public Art - Outdoor Forecourt Gallery Photography Exhibition

Outdoor Forecourt Gallery display by photographer Alfonso Calero 2011

2013 Outdoor Forecourt Gallery Exhibition: Lisa Anderson, Ghost Words

Outdoor Forecourt Gallery display by Alfonso Calero 2011

Outdoor Forecourt Gallery display by photographer Alfonso Calero 2011


The Outdoor Forecourt Gallery is a public art initiative of the Lane Cove Council and displays photographic images in an outdoor environment for the community to contemplate and enjoy. There are four exhibitions each year and for one of these exhibitions Gallery Lane Cove commissions an artist to develop an exhibition of photographs for this Outdoor Forecourt Gallery exhibtion space. The exhibition is usually run as part of the Lane Cove Voce-n-Ale Festival and celebrates the theme of words, communication and language

Artist Commission

The commission is based on a call out for applications and a fee of  $2,000 is paid to the artist for the 12 images. All printing and installation costs are taken care of  by Gallery Lane Cove. Th Lane Cove Council provides the funding and infrastructure for the project.


In 2013, Dr Lisa Anderson was awarded the commission and her exhibition "Ghost Words, Tricksters and Angels will be showing until the 7 December 2013.

To register your interest to receive our call-outs for photographic commissions, please send us an email to with your details.

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Ghost Words, Tricksters & Angels by Dr Lisa Anderson

This selection of photographic based work uses the images of words found all over the world on street signs and more personal notes, on plaques and signage that I have been photographing over many years. These words on the surface of architecture become a memory of place and time. I have then layered these almost secret words and half-words into the statues of the dead and their guardians.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The angels, demons and personal representations of the dead are from the Recolete Cemetery in Buenos Aires. This cemetery is in many ways unique as it openly bears the scars of modern revolution, with over turned graves, and coffins left in their raided and broken states. The finest statuary of the past residents of Argentina, with the well known and the infamous side by side. The wealth of Argentina is displayed in many of these grand homes of the dead. However where in Australia we would move the cemetery to build residential, here the dead are housed right up against the apartment balconies, satellite dishes, driveways and carports of the living.                             

The angelwords are sometimes only fragments in these final images as they have been selected from places such as the swirling script of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul , the gardens of Suomenlinna in Finland, the carved poetry at Katoomba and the memorials on the Channel Islands in the Bay of Biscay.                                                                                                                                    

My current project, Tricksters & Huldefolke has evolved from a recent residency in Iceland exploring the stories of weather and landscape and while there coming upon the Huldefolke tales and beliefs. In Australia we have Trickster characters that form our hidden people concepts in legends and myths. Many cultures have such tales of ‘others’ hidden around us, passing through the fabric of time and space.                                                                                                                                                        

This exhibition brings together these elements of weather in the urban landscape and is marked and scarred with the colours, the mists, the questions of the hidden folk. In these images the hidden folke, or angels perhaps only of stone and yet  central to our understanding of legends within urbanscapes and their words more elusive and almost stolen moments of understanding between what we see and what we can imagine.      

All photographs are the copyright of the artist and can not be used without permission. 

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Word by Chloe Ferres 

Chloe Ferres was one of a number of emerging photographers who sent in applications to respond to the theme, “The Word is Out”. The artists were asked to present a proposal for an exhibition of photographs that would be displayed in the Forecourt Gallery, outside Gallery Lane Cove as part of the Voce-N-Ale Festival organised by Lane Cove Alive.

Chloe was selected for the commission as her proposal was for an ambitious and evocative body of work, that was a creative interpretation of the theme.

‘Words are as prevalent as the air we breathe, and as near as vital. One cannot live a day without words, be they read or written, spoken or heard, or simply those inside our head. Words allow understanding. Words underpin human communication and interaction. Words can bind people together for life or start wars. Words convey human history and knowledge. Without words we have no name or meaning.’ Chloe Ferres. 


Chloe Ferres is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Lane Cove. She was a winner of our Local Lane Cove Captured Photography Awards in 2010 and has completed a Bachelor Of Arts in Visual Comunication (Photography) and a Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) 

All photographs are the copyright of the artist and can not be used without permission.