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Taste Memory


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Food is a powerful gateway into other cultures, however the stories are not always apparent. "Taste Memory" features pixel art renditions of dishes from cultural minority groups within and around China. The artworks are in the style of 'cute' pixel art depicting food popular in the 2000s on the internet and in games. These minorities are facing past or ongoing persecution affecting the survival of their identity. However, food can be a strong defense against cultural erasure, especially for migrants, so long as we understand where it comes from.


Chuar - a kebab from the Uyghur people, one of China's Muslim minorities. This kebab is a popular street food, especially in Northern China. Currently they have been facing violence and persecution by the Chinese government following a period of racial unrest.


Hakka Salt Baked Chicken - Hakka translates literally to "guest family". They are a Chinese minority that are widespread across China and the world but have no particular homeland. Their cuisine makes extensive use of salting and pickling to preserve food.


Tibetan Momo with Tomato Chutney - Due to its geographic location, Tibetan cuisine has adopted neighbouring Indian cuisine. They frequently use dairy in their food, which is rare in Han cuisine. Their cultural distinctiveness and desire for independence continues to put them in conflict with the Chinese government today.


Wonton Noodle Soup - Hong Kong food incorporates both traditional Cantonese and British cuisine, and is known for being a culinary destination. Just like their food, the culture of Hong Kong grew to be distinct from China with all the international influences. This is the very identity that is under threat at the moment, as seen in the recent protests.


Taiwanese beef noodle soup - Taiwanese food reflects its history, with influences from the indigenous people, Japanese food from its time of occupation and Fujianese cuisine brought from the mainland due to the Kuomintang retreat. This is still a cause for animosity between Taiwan and China.

Artist biography

Jane fan is a media artist and developer. She likes to apply programming knowledge in experimental and artistic ways, including but not limited to, generative and interactive art installations, illustration, 3d art and front-end programming.



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