Huy Lim Kha



Animated Gif, Digital Painting

3045 x 4000 px


Kha’s work, “Rivals” is a digital piece that features her original characters, ‘Rina’ and ‘Junseok’ from her upcoming webcomic. Her comic, “It’s a Cat-Dog Love” is a slice of life that follows the daily lives of an amiable puppy owner and a disagreeable kitten owner. Kha includes zoomorphism into her characters as they interact in similar accordance to their pets’ behaviours. Zoomorphism allows her characters to act naively, childlike and cute as their personalities are influenced by their pet animals. Her comic involves cuteness, a concept that is subtly present in Korean slice of life webcomics targeted to young adult females. This is also present in Kha's comic by her characters’ endearing personality traits, their youthful passion towards animals, and quirky interactions and banter, which can be perceived as humour by readers. Kha also integrates cuteness in an aesthetic sense: the characters’ heads having slightly larger proportions, bright highlights in their eyes and hints of pastel, baby-like colours, which are often visual tropes of cuteness known as “Aegyo” or “Kawaii” in Korean webtoon and Japanese manga art.

Artist biography

Huy Lim Kha is an Australian born Cambodian-Chinese artist whose technical finesse is in digital illustration and contemporary painting. Kha is multifaceted in her digital practice, creating illustrations of portraiture, landscape, comic art, life drawing, and various forms of graphic design. Her contemporary art practice covers thematic concerns such as: abstraction, reinterpretations of landscapes, themes of mental illness, South-East Asian diaspora, and hybridities in post-migratory spaces. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the University of New South Wales, Art and Design.

Instagram @huylim_kha