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Unsigned in America

an exhibition of photographs and mulit-media projections from Adelaide based photographer, Ben Searcy.


13 May - 7 June

Opening Drinks with the artist, Wednesday 21st May from 6pm


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"Unsigned in America" is the culmination of two tours of "open Mic" nights across the USA in 2011 and 2013. With a guitar and a camera , Ben Searcy documents his personal experiences of travel, America, and the musicians and artists he meets along the way. The guitar and the microphone become a passport to a tangled web of artists and a creative people stretching across the USA.Ben Searcy has been a freelance photographer in Australia for 18 years, working for many of the country’s leading Newspapers and Magazines. In 2007 He won the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize for “ Waiting for News on David” and in 2011 was shortlisted for the Australian Portrait Prize.


Standing & Falling

an exhibition of photographs from Sydney based, Malaysian born photographer, Desmond Ong.


13 May - 7 June

Opening Drinks with the artist, Wednesday 21st May from 6pm


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‘Standing & Falling’ depicts the life and decay of Australian shops. In some places they thrive, whereas in others often just around the corner they were neglected. These are part of our day-to-day urban life.“For the last eight years I have been exploring many parts of Sydney’s metropolitan and regional towns. What struck me most during my exploration was the stark contrast between the busy retail precincts on the main streets, and the derelict shops just around the next block. I will sometimes find empty shopfronts that are deserted of any commercial activities juxtaposed with a very busy road filled with cars. I often wondered about the future fate of these old shops. Will they be given a chance to regenerate? Or eventually fall under the tides of redevelopment?”In this series, Desmond Ong has invoked light and shadow to reveal & conceal parts of his subjects in order to accentuate these urban scenes. Whether they are still part of a vibrant street where we come to shop or work, or totally neglected and forgotten. The intention is to let viewers look at what we have built or inherited on this continent, and contemplate on how we are changing our urban environment. Urban sprawl has greatly increased our dependency on cars, and coupled with the more recent digital economy, are changing the way we live and subsequently how our streets function.Is that shadow from the setting sun? Or is it from the first light at dawn? This is the cycle of life and decay. These places may regenerate and thrive once more or become irrelevant and be forgotten




Humble Mothers

an exhibition of photographs, from Belgian based photographer, Caroline Pankert. This exhibition will be showing outside the gallery in our Forecourt Gallery space.


13 May - 7 June


In India there are around 40 million widows. The loss of a husband is often a one-way ticket towards isolation, poverty and despair. It's a curse. For centuries, the traditional Hinduism refers to often distorted religious interpretations to render the marginalization of widows acceptable. They are conditioned to tolerate the daily violation of their dignity as a kind of atonement for an imagined "sin", in other words the responsibility of their husband's death.In my portrait series, I try to visually translate the consequences, this has on the lives of the affected women.