DANNI-LUO - Copy.png

Dan Luo

Little Gods


Digital illustration

2400 x 3139 px


I have been living in Chengdu for the last year, and started noticing the prevalence of God's and deities everywhere I looked - in advertisements, shirt prints, food packaging, even pet clothing. No one here seems particularly religious, yet there is undeniably still a degree of belief held in regards to their power. They are always drawn very cutely too, as cuteness after all, is very easy to commodify. Based on this I drew this piece in particular homage of the gods - they may be cute and powerful, but even then everyone must take breaks and just relax at some point.

Artist biography

I am currently based in Chengdu, but did my bachelors of design in animation at UTS, Sydney, Australia. I do freelance illustration work whenever I have time, mostly in tattoo designs, card or print commissions. I am inspired heavily by East Asian folklore and Japanese horror manga.

Instagram @absentanimedad