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4. Dapeng Liu_Southern Rain_2023_76x56cm_gouache and oil pastel on cotton paper_2023_frame


curated by Simon Chan


Bingbing Chen, Claudia Chan Shaw, Fan Dongwang, Dapeng Liu, Jayanto Tan, Laurens Tan, Pamela See, Wang Lan, Fang Xu, Wang Xu, William Yang 

31 January - 24 February

Lunar New Year in 2024 is a time to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. It is also a time to reflect upon the cultural diversity of Australian life. Transcendence features eleven Chinese Australian artists who navigate their cross-cultural journey mediating cultural differences and exploring their identity, heritage and tradition through their own different personal artistic expression and creativity.

Part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios' Guest Curator Program. 

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