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24 August - 9 September


Opening Drinks with the artist,

Wednesday 23 August from 6pm


Vehicle is a solo exhibition held as part of the prize for the 2015 Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Awards.

Max Berry is an Australian artist. Across Max’s practice ‘place’ has emerged as a defining interest, where endless horizons invite the viewer to consider the meditative quality of isolation. An atmosphere of stillness permeates his work and speaks of the way that individuals navigate our world and the importance of the “places” we find shelter. Recent works have focused on painting and photography, particularly in the expression of the Australian landscape. Outdoor expeditions have been key to his studio practice, leading to works that reveal an appreciation for the characteristics of light and atmosphere. Views of hills, paths and towns that feature trees, houses or both make up majority of his compositions and each highlight the reduction of forms to their essential shapes so that narratives might form in those in-between places. How can landscape, or the romantic ‘image’ of landscape be manipulated to express nature as a symbol for ones experience. I’d like the most recent works to be a product of process and form a synthesis of this experience. My own and shared experiences. ...I’m very interested in distance and a loss of control. I'm interested in form, contrast and simplicity of line, I’m motivated by a desire to understand; my material is what lies nearest at hand, the people and things I know best. I mostly enjoy shadows, roads, steps and clouds.

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