Assembly of Things, 2020 - Annabel Scanl

Annabel Scanlen



Plaster, wood

Dimensions variable


Scanlen’s experimentative studio practice produced a series of blob-like plaster forms titled ‘Thing’. These sculptural forms appear somewhat lively and tactile, celebrating the slip and slide between object and human. ‘Thing’ sits somewhere between human and object, Thing exists, never in a fixed state.

Artist biography

Annabel Scanlen is a multidisciplinary artist/designer. Scanlen has been a represented commercial artist since 2017 at Traffic Jam Galleries. Scanlen regularly takes part in various exhibitions held by her commercial associates, and other independent local galleries around Sydney. Scanlen is the CEO of By Bel, a boutique online fashion retail ecommerce business.Scanlen is a student of UNSW, she is currently nearing the end of her final year of her degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours. Scanlen’s final body of work for her honours year explores complex theories related to the dualism between object and human, touching on the writings of theorist Jane Bennett, Russel W.Belk, Harah Chon and Clemens Thornquist. Employing a experimentative studio practice, Scanlen utilises a vast array of materials, including textiles, ceramics, plaster, cement, wood, illustration and photography.

The backbone to Scanlen’s practice is sustainability. Scanlen is well versed in the processes involved with textile production, having visited India on a Cultural Textiles trip in 2018-2019. Scanlen implements methods of ethical and sustainable practices through her art making and commercial business endeavours.

Scanlen has already established some individual experience in the industry, working with popular publications like New York Times and L’Officiel. She is independent and determined, taking on the roles of creative director, photography and styling for print and digital publications.

Instagram @annabel_scanlen